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The technologies of low voltage operation and low power consumption acquired over the years through the development of 4-bit microcontrollers for watches and electronic shelf labels (ESL) are inherited by 16- and 32-bit microcontrollers today. The product lineup has been expanded, while achieving better throughputs. The display functions range from small-sized segment LDC drive to QVGA color display. A wide array of sensor interfaces recently attracting attention are also available. In addition to digital SIO such as SPI, UART, and I2C and the low power ADCs, the Epson original frequency conversion type ADC is capable of supporting measurements by resistance thermometer sensors and humidity sensors. A variety of these functions, low power technology and a highly efficient processor are all built into a single chip. With this one-chip solution, Epson continues to offer optimum products for small-sized battery-driven equipment, operation panel controllers, and sensor built-in healthcare products and housing equipment.

16-bit Microcontroller

Epson's new 16-bit microcontroller features small size and low power consumption equivalent to an 8-bit microcontroller, even with the 16MB address space.
The S1C17 family of original 16-bit microcontrollers integrate a wide variety of interfaces, allowing connection with multiple sensors and a wealth of peripheral circuits such as an EPD driver,LCD controller and driver supporting low to medium-level resolutions.
The S1C17 family microcontroller has RISC architecture to achieve high-speed operation and low power consumption, making it ideal for mobile devices. The family includes a rich lineup of built-in Flash ROM products.
The high quality development environment and on-chip ICE function also contribute to shorten design turnaround time.

32-bit Microcontrollers - S1C31 family (ARM®Cortex®-M0+)

Epson's S1C31 is the Arm®Cortex®-M0+ (32bit) processor family with several build in features such as Timer, Serial interface, LCD driver, USB controller and Flash memory.The harmonization the Epson's original low leak process and this energy efficient Arm®Cortex®-M0+ processor, can contribute to those application which desires longer battery life with high accuracy.
(Application examples : Portable measurement applications and etc)

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