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Programming Service

Most customers no longer invest in programming hardware and manpower.
You can also save on this cost.

Let INELTEK handle the time and cost intensive programming of your devices.

The range of programmable parts is now too great to be managed in house.
INELTEK is your professional programming partner for handling increasingly small programmable package technologies.

Your INELTEK Programming Service:

  • The core of our Programming Department are the trained staff and the ISO certified programming practices including samples for approval.
  • State-of-the-art programming equipment enabling minimized programming times and small costs
  • Continuous maintenance of all programming equipment and the latest software updates
  • Support for Logic and Memory devices as well as Microcontrollers from the different manufactures as well as the different package variations such as DIP, PLCC, SOIC, TSOP, PGA, QFP, µBGA, etc.
  • Programming of serial numbers on demand
  • Customer specific Laser Marking of programmed devices
  • Proper packaging and quick transport
  • Deliverable in Trays, Tubes or Tape & Reel as required