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Technical Support

The most common topic of conversation on everyone’s lips these days is “Time-to-Market“.

Technological advancements must be brought to market as rapidly as possible. On the one hand, development time has to be short in order to keep costs at bay. On the other hand, companies have to push their novel-featured products into the market to outpace their competitors and keep one step ahead.

The ramification of this development proves to be a major challenge as well as a tremendous dilemma for any Design Engineer. For one thing, whilst organisations have to zero in on the complex business of component selection, they need to simultaneously worry about the success of their projects. As well as this, it is vital to select the most suitable product in terms of price and technical compatibility. In conjunction with the wide range of products and product announcements, this task becomes increasingly challenging.

This is the point where we are able to add true Value.


Through our in-depth, long-term experience of electronic components and displays, we are able to advise the appropriate solution for your applications which:

  • best fits your requirements
  • meets the available budget
  • is available for the lifetime of your product

We are on hand to help and advise you during the training period as well. Considering the current complexity of microcontrollers and their toolsets, you can waste a lot of time on research and on trial and error in development. You can save a great deal of this time with specific product training by Ineltek.

Technical questions and issues frequently arise, especially during the development period. Ineltek helps and advises on site, by phone or via e-mail to help ensure a fluid development phase. Our team of experienced and well educated Application Engineers is the foundation of the service we provide.