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Produkte des Herstellers Novosense


NOVOSENSE Microelectronics is a highly robust & reliable analog and mixed signal IC design company. Since its establishment in 2013, the company has been focusing on signal sensing, system interconnection and power drive, providing comprehensive semiconductor products and solutions such as sensor, signal chain, isolator, interface, power driver, power management, which are widely used in automotive, industrial control, information communication and consumer electronics markets. More than 1400 IC products are available nowadays.

With the mission of “Sense and Drive the Future, Build a Green, Smart and Connected World with Semiconductors”, the company is committed to providing chip-level solutions to link the digital world and the real world.

Novosense offers a lot of highly robust & reliable parts of following product groups:

  • Gate drivers: insulated & non-insulated low/high-side and half bridge drivers up to 1200V
  • Relay & Multi-Low-Side Driver Array
  • Products with isolation
    • Transceivers for isolated & non-isolated communication
      • LIN
      • CAN
      • RS485
      • I2C
    • General purpose digital isolators with integrated isolated power supply
    • Isolated amplifiers for current, voltage or fault monitoring
  • High- & Lowside protection switches
  • Sensors:
    • Isolated current sensors
    • Hall-Rotary sensors
    • Pressure sensors & sensing elements
    • Temperature sensors
    • Sensor front ends & signal conditioning solutions
  • LED Drivers & LDOs

This versatile product range has guaranteed continuous growth and Novosense has been able to establish itself in various Asian markets.

Automotive is one of key sectors for NOVOSENSE. The company launched its first automotive IC in 2016, and achieved mass production in Tier 1s and OEMs. In 2021, NOVOSENSE was granted ISO26262 ASIL-D Functional Safety Certificate by TÜV Rheinland.

In addition industrial applications such as photovoltaics as well as sensor technology are in scope.

With over 600 employees at 10 locations, Novosense is now continuing this path in Europe.

Contact us and we will guide you and help to identify the right Novosense product for your development.