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Produkte des Herstellers HopeRF


Shenzhen Hope Microelectronics Co., Ltd or HopeRF was founded in 1998 and brings over 20 years of experience in the development of RF ICs, analog ASICs and MEMS sensor IC design to the market. HopeRF main product groups are:

  • RF ICs
  • RF Modules
  • Environmental Sensors#

RF IC Portfolio

HopeRF has developed a lot of RF ICs for Sub 1 GHz applications. Receiver, Transmitter and Transceiver are available as well as SoC with an embedded RISC core. With these products a lot of “end point” applications with low or mid performance requirement can be realized in a cost efficient way.

In addition a combination of an LF Wake-Up solution with an RF Sub 1 GHz datalink is also available as SoC. Ask us on more details!

BLE 5.0 and 5.2 Radio SoC with embedded Cortex M0 enable a different type of application to realize the connectivity to mobile phones or other standard consumer 3rd party equipment.

RF Module Portfolio

Based on their Sub 1 GHz RF ICs HopeRF is offering a lot of modules with different form factors so designers have a wide selection. These modules can be classified for RX, TX, and TRX applications.

Being a long term partner of SEMTECH HopeRF has also developed a broad lineup of LoRa WAN Modules with different Chipsets to cover modern WAN applications in IoT, Smart Metering, Smart City and Smart Grid applications.

Environmental Sensors

Since 2010 HopeRF also offers pressure and T/H sensors based on their ASIC IP. These sensors are based on the resitive measurement principle. In 2017 they established the the next product group with capacitive pressure sensors. Within the last years they continuously added new products also for P/T/H sensing were published.