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Produkte des Herstellers ETA Semiconductor

ETA Semiconductor

ETA Semiconductor components offered by Ineltek as the official distributor for Europe bring its innovation to your next power supply design.

They are located in Nantong, China with development centers in China, the USA and Vietnam.

The ETA portfolio with over 500 featured products covers a lot of different aspects in power supplies

  • AC/DC converter
  • DC/DC converter
  • LDOs
  • LED Driver
  • PMICs
  • Load-Switches, USB High-Side Switches, Over-Voltage/Current-Protection

ETA Semiconductor is enlarging the line-up regarding level-shifter, power modules and parts for motor control recently.

They are widely used in various market products, such as mobile phones, security equipment, smart devices, routers, Bluetooth headsets, UAV, mobile power supplies and smart home products.

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