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Produkte des Herstellers DAPU Telecom

DAPU Telecom

DAPU TELECOM high-precision timing and RF passives products

Founded in 2005, DAPU TELECOM, has quickly emerged into the top range of oscillator industry by providing matched timing solutions for telecommunication, position and factory automatic control to her clients.

Dapu has always devoted itself to the technology innovation, so Dapu has been one of the top innovation patents owner in timing and frequency industry in China. In the future, Dapu will be committed to providing the global customers with high-quality timing and frequency products and solutions, and constantly seek innovations for the ultimate stability and reliability for communication networks.

DAPU TELECOM high-precision timing and RF passives products:

  • Stratum 1 to 3E classified clock modules
  • Clock Buffer
  • PLL
  • Sync-Timing IC for IEEE1588v2/PTP
  • Ethernet PHY
  • Circulators
  • Isolators