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Produkte des Herstellers 3PEAK


3PEAK was founded in 2012 in Shanghai. Having 9 R&D centers 3PEAK has developed more than 1600 signal chain components for applications in the whole signal chain:

  • Analog parts like amplifiers of all kind (nano OPA, low-noise OPA, zero drift OPA, general OPA, HV current sense amp), comparators, voltage references
  • Signal chain parts like ADC or DAC for high-resolution or high-speed applications, combined ADC/DAC ICs or Analog Frontents e.g. with 8 channels and bipolar inputs and integrated filter capablilites
  • Interface parts like transceivers for RS485, RS422, RS232 or CAN
  • Digital isolators for interface transceivers
  • Parts for video and audio signal transmission
  • Power management parts like DC/DC converter, LDO, power sequencer, reset ICs with or without watchdog functions
  • Full-Bridge motor driver IC , other low-side driver (arrays)

3PEAK is driving focused the development of new parts to become a full stop shop for all signal chain related components.

The focus on innovation and quality brings the necessary robustness for all analog parts of new electronic designs.

Beside the broad range of products with industrial grade also some automotive qualified parts are available now and a lot are on the current roadmap.