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1 Customers & Suppliers

Contracts with our customers and suppliers

As a distributor acting as an interface between manufacturer and customer, we need to conclude agreements to regulate our processes in order to protect our business partners and ourselves. For this reason, we try from the outset to build our business operations around a set of general conditions. Ineltek always endeavours to supply flawless services and products as fast as possible. We are very serious about our commitment and duties to our customers and try to fulfil or even exceed them in the best possible way, every time. It is therefore necessary to first define, accept and understand customers’ requirements. Our employees are not allowed to release any service or product for delivery if they do not meet the agreements made in contracts between Ineltek and our customers. In addition, we do not insult or make untrue statements about our competitors’ products and services.

Protection for our Data and that of third parties

Every employee is bound by law to protect data confidentiality and must not collect, process or use the personal data of employees, customers and third parties without their consent or legal permission. During the course of our business, we share and receive personal data as required for order processing in accordance with GDPR article 6  paragraph 1 lit.b.

This kind of exchange is only allowed where both parties have signed a non-disclosure agreement and an order processing contract exists, or where the disclosure of the relevant third-party information has been regulated in advance by a declaration of consent. Personal data may be collected, used and processed only as necessary for the stated, clear, and authorised purpose. Confidential information and business secrets as well as business documentation (including e-mail) are correctly filed, saved and protected from access by unauthorized parties.


We always aim to meet our customers’ extensive demands for quality and safety. Because of our strong partnerships with leading manufacturers we can assure the best possible availability, combined with the highest safety and reliability while delivering advanced technology. Even in the event of impending shortage (≙ allocation), we exhaust all our options with our manufacturers, partners manufacturers, partners and network contacts, in order to meet your delivery date requirements.


Our business partners must ensure that their business practices are in compliance with all applicable laws, policies and regulations governing the import of parts, components, technical data and

Export and Sanctions

Our business partners must ensure that their business practices comply with all applicable laws, policies and regulations, including economic sanctions and embargoes, governing the export and transfer of parts, components and technical data and services. Where required, the Business Partner will obtain export licenses or other approvals and provide them as necessary.

Conflict Minerals

Our business partners must comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding the direct and indirect sourcing of critical materials and conflict minerals. These so-called „conflict minerals“,  such as tin, tungsten, tantalum, gold, rare earths or metals such as bauxite, cobalt, titanium and lithium are used in everyday products. Our business partners undertake to procure or process  conflict minerals and their derivatives exclusively in accordance with the EU Regulation EU2017/821 and Section 1502 of the US Dodd-Frank Act and to deliver them to Ineltek GmbH in order to ensure the international procurement standards set by the OFCD.

2 Social Obligations

Sales & information gathering

We gather information about the marketplace and our competitors through legal and ethical means. These means include the news media, the Internet and publicly available databases, industry journals and other non-confidential sources. We will never attempt to acquire confidential or proprietary information about our competitors through unlawful or unethical means. We represent ourselves clearly as Ineltek employees when we are trying to collect information about the market and our competitors. By providing our products and services to our customers we are completely focussed on the customer’s wishes and needs. We provide our customers and suppliers with marketing and advertising materials in order to keep them informed.  We provide our customers and suppli-ers with marketing and advertising materials in order both promote aware-ness of our products and services and to provide supporting information. We take care to ensure the given information is clear and understandable and has the purpose to inform about terms of contract, product specifications, delivery lead times and prices.

Antitrust & Fair Competition

Ineltek endeavours to build good and trusting working relationships with our suppliers and customers. At the same time we encourage and value healthy competition for our business. Because of that we base purchasing decisions on criteria such as price, quality, timely delivery, service and reputation for integrity. Ineltek undertakes to comply with all the laws and regulations for fair business applicable to all countries where Ineltek is franchised. Ineltek reserves the right to take legal steps against all forms on unfair competition. Ineltek observes all laws other legal provisions in support of free and open competition and considers any restrictive agreement or understanding, written or verbal, with or regarding one or more competitors, to be illegal. This includes, for example, price agreements, group boycotts, the allocation of sales markets or tie-ins.

Appearance & Communication in public

We respect the right to free speech and the protection of personal rights and privacy. All employees should be aware that in their private lives they can also be seen to be representing Ineltek and are therefore called upon to safeguard the company‘s standing and reputation in the way they act and conduct themselves in public. When expressing a personal opinion we take care not to allow our personal opinion to be linked to our function or work with Ineltek.

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

Business decisions at Ineltek are made exclusively in the best interests of the Company. Any conflicts of interest with personal matters or other business or non-business activities, including those of relatives or other related parties should be avoided. Should such conflicts occur, they must be resolved in accordance with the law. Conflicts must be dealt with openly and transparently.


Ineltek is built on strong values: reliability and honesty, credibility and integrity. We therefore attach great importance to being open and truthful in our reporting and communications on the Company‘s business transactions employees, customers, business partners, the general public and government institutions. Every employee shall ensure that both internal and external reports, records and other documents of the company comply with the applicable legal rules and standards and are therefore complete and correct at all times and issued in good time and in accordance with system requirements.

3 Employees

Fairness, Tolerance & Equal Opportunities

Ineltek values each employee equally. There is no differentiation because of race, ethnic origin, gender, religion or political views, or by disability, age or sexual identity. We do not tolerate that any Ineltek employee should be disadvantaged for any of the above reasons and we expect professional, friendly and fair dealings with colleagues, employees and with our business partners.

Observing Basic Human Rights

We respect internationally recognized human rights and support their observance. We reject all forms of forced labour, human trafficking, exploitation of children and child labour. Unlawful child labour violates the integrity of our business and is not condoned by Ineltek. We will never knowingly do business with customers, suppliers and other business partners who violate these policies. We recognize the right of all employees to form unions and employee representative bodies on a democratic basis within the framework of national legislation. The right to appropriate compensation is recognized for all employees. Pay and other benefits shall at least comply with the respective national or local legal standards or the standards in the national economic sectors, industries and regions.

Corruption, Gifts & Benefits

Employees are not permitted to offer or to acquire personal advantages or monetary payments or other benefits when initiating, placing or processing an order. In principle this is applicable worldwide. The only exception concerns occasional, promotional and non-monetary gifts, which are customary and which are not granted or accepted in return for preferential treatment or evasion of statutory provisions. However, business decisions must not be influenced by such gifts. Gifts to public officials are generally forbidden.

Working, Health & Environmental Protection

The safety of our employees is also paramount in all our activities. It is our obligation to avoid endangering people and the environment, to maintain minimal environmental impact, and to not to waste resources. Processes, business premises and operating materials must comply with the applicable statutory and internal specifications for health and safety at work, as well as health, safety, fire safety and environmental protection. Our management system includes the implementation of legal regulations for environmental protection. Therefore, environmental aspects of all our activities are identified and managed in compliant manner. Traceable targets are implemented within the framework of improvement projects and the results are announced internally. Every employee bears responsibility for conserving natural resources and helping protect the environment and climate through their individual behaviour.