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E-Paper Displays

Pervasive Displays

Pervasive Displays offers Active-MatrixePaper

e-Paper Display modules in sizes from 1.4″ to 10.2″. e-Paper Displays fit perfectly in applications where a low power consumption is needed because the display needs only to be powered during a change of the displayed image.

These displays have outstanding high resolutions and excellent optical characteristics. e-Paper Modules are highly readable in bright environments as well as in direct sunlight.

Main features:

  • Very low Power consumption
  • Wide Viewing Angles
  • Thin and lightweight
  • High Resolutions, up to 160 dpi
  • Very good readability in bright environments


Size Resolution dpi Outline Dimension Active Area Contrast Ratio  
Inch Pixel   mm mm    
1.44" 128x96 111 40.51x28.8x1.0 29.31x21.99 10:1 pdficon_small
2.0" 200x96 111 57.00x28.8x1.1 45.80x21.98 10:1 pdficon_small
2.7" 264x176 117 70.42x45.8x1.0 57.28x38.19 10:1 pdficon_small
3.0" 320x240 133 69.20x60.4x1.1 60.96x45.72 10:1  pdficon_small
4.41" 400x300 113 98.5x80.42x1.0 89.60x67.20 10:1  pdficon_small
7.4" 480x800 126 169.0x111x1.2 161.60x96.96 10:1  pdficon_small
10.2" 1280x1024 160 218.3x171.8x1.2 162.56x203.2 10:1  pdficon_small

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