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HopeRF – CMT4531: ULP Bluetooth LE-SoC

HopeRF - CMT4531: ULP Bluetooth SoCThe manufacturer HopeRF, known for its radio components and modules for (almost) all frequency ranges, offers with the CMT4531 a SoC especially for Ultra Low Power Bluetooth LE applications.

Not only the overall current consumption can be configured to be very low, but it was also ensured that no excessive peak currents occur. These are often a knock-out argument when using coin cells with their relatively high internal resistance, which also increases during use. Anyone who has ever inserted a watch battery instead of the appropriate cell in the car key knows a thing or two about this…

Typical applications for the CMT4531 are hereby:

  • Active-Tags
  • Smart Meter
  • Home-IoT
  • Sensors
  • Tracker / Beacons
  • Devices w. Energy-Harvesting

The most important data of the CMT4531 Bluetooth LE radio at a glance

  • BLE 5.1 and SIG Mesh Support
  • +6 dBm maximum transmitting power
  • -96 dBm @BLE 1 Mbps RX sensitivity
  • Radio receive current: 3.8 mA@3.3 V
  • Radio Transmit current: 4.2 mA @0 dBm/3.3 V
  • Sleep Mode (48 kB RAM retention): 1.4 μA@3 V
  • Power Down Mode: 130 nA
  • Power of programmable transmitter: +6 dBm
  • Operation power supply: 1.8 V to 3.6 V

The device contains a Cortex-M0 32-bit microcontroller, a RTC with calendar function including leap year compensation, an infrared transmit controller for all remote control protocols, Cyclic Redundancy Check hardware (CRC16 and CRC32), a fast ADC (10-bit@1.33 Msps) with differential input and PGA and much more.

Further, general specification for the CMT4531: ULP Bluetooth LE-SoC

  • Cortex-M0 Core @ up to 64 MHz
  • 256 kB Flash / 48 kB SRAM
  • Temperature range: -40°C to 85°C
  • Package Types: QFN32 (4 mm × 4 mm)
  • ESD internal protection: ±2 kV (HBM)
  • Ordering Part No. CMT4531-EQR

The CMT4531 is currently available as a SoC, but a ready-to-use module is also currently in development.

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