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SiC (FET, JFET & Diodes) Discretes


SiC (FET, JFET & Diodes) discretes by Qorvo: The US based semiconductor manufacturer Qorvo has its focus on connecting, protecting and powering the planet. Their core radio frequency (RF) and power technologies offer solutions for mobile, infrastructure, the IoT and defense & aerospace applications.

Their SiC portfolio includes FETs, JFETs and Diodes for designs from 650V up to 1700V.


The normally off SiC FETs developed by Qorvo use a cascode circuit of a SiC JFET and an Si-MOSFET. This leads to state of the art RDSON values and other advantages – more details you find in our article here. The line-up covers:

  • VDSmax from 650V up to 1700V
  • IDmax up to 120A
  • RDSON down to 7mOhm (@ 650V) and 9mOhm (@ 1200V)
  • TO-220-3L, TO247-3L, TO247-4L, D2PAK-3L, D2PAK-7L & TOLL package options
  • Automotive qualified parts available

Since designs with cascode parts differ a little bit from classic MOSFET designs Qorvo is offering a lot of application notes. For more information and support you can contact us directly.



Qorvo’s SiC normally on JFETs are available for 650V to 1700V VDSmax. IDmax up to 85A all parts are qualified for automotive use.


SiC MPS Diodes

The line-up of Qorvo’s SiC Merged PiN Schottky diodes cover again the range of 650V to 1700V. IFtyp is supported up to 60A (@ 650V) and 50A (@1200V). QCtyp goes down to 9.3nC (@ 650V) and 12nC (@1200V). Some dual diodes in one package are also available.


Qorvo’s SiC (FET, JFET & Diodes) discretes enables high efficient, space saving and modern designs for power supplies in the industrial and the automotive industry. A lot of application notes, an own SPICE derivate – QSPICE – for mixed signal and power design simulation plus the FET-JET Calculator for optimal part selection offering a lot of different power topologies are the great support landscape for this product group.

Interested to learn more about Qorvo and its products? Contact us directly or send us your request here.