Power Management Units (ActivePMU™)


ActivePMU™ family of Power management units (PMUs) and Power Management ICs (PMICs) combine best-in-class power conversion with intelligent system management.

Active-Semi’s solutions greatly simplify the system design process by eliminating the need for external discrete components, reducing the overall system BOM cost and time to market. In addition, Active-Semi's innovative ActivePath™ architecture enables battery charging as an integral function implemented in ActivePMU™ Family.

ActivePMU™ provides skin-tight power management for a wide range of application processors from MCU suppliers such as Atmel, Marvell, Samsung, TI, Freescale, Rockchip and others.



Active-Semi's ACT8865 and ACT8945A with ActivePath™ Charger provide turnkey ActivePMU™ solutions for Microchip's SAMA5D and SAM9 processors.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Best-in-class power conversion with intelligent system management
  • Simplified system design reducing overall system BOM cost
  • Skin-tight PMU/PMICs for wide range of popular MCUs
  • Innovative ActivePath™ architecture for integrated battery charging capability
  • Evaluation Kits (EVKs) for fast time-to-market

Supported Applications

  • Processors, memory, and peripherals in advanced portable devices such as
    • Smartwatches
    • Wearables
    • POS terminals
    • E-Books
    • Portable media players
    • Tablet PCs
  • Consumer/industrial electronics such as
    • Human-machine interfaces (HMI)
    • Control panels
    • Smart grid infrastructures
    • Network gateways
    • M2M systems
    • 2D barcode scanners
    • Barcode printers
    • Machine vision equipment
  • Home and commercial building automations, medical devices and white goods

ACT88xx Family

ACT88xx Family products feature a rich set of power controls, including up to four high power step-down DC/DC converters and up to nine LDOs.



ACT89xx Family

ACT89xx Family products feature a rich set of power controls, including an integrated ActivePath™ up to 1A, three high power step-down DC/DC converters, and four LDOs.



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