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Holtek offers the HT1382 as a RTC IC. It needs an external crystal and brings a function set for standard applications:

  • Real Time Clock/Calendar Functions
    • Includes: Sec, Minutes, Hours, Day, Date, Month,  and year in BCD format
  • Clock operating voltage: 2.0V~5.5V
  • Supply voltage VDD=2.7V~5.5V
  • Automatic leap year correction, valid until year 2099
  • Automatic supply switch over
  • Integrated oscillator load capacitors - CL=12.5pF
  • Clock compensation
  • Programmable alarm and interrupt function
  • 15 selectable frequency outputs
  • 4 Bytes EEPROM for user
  • Serial commutation via I2C or 3-wire interface
  • 8-pin SOP package for I2C interface
  • 10-pin MSOP package for 3-wire interface 

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