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Display Controller and Driver


Holtek offers display controller and driver for segmented LC displays. Not all applications have the need for a graphic display solution. With a custom segment layout far clearer shapes can be used even on low segment count displays. Holtek adress these small display solutions with a line up of more than 15 products.

They can be used for applications with the following requirements:

  • Resolution: 16 to 240 (segments) x 1 to 16 (commons)
  • Operating voltages: 2.4V up to 5.5V
  • Bias: 1/3, 1/4, 1/5
  • Interface: I2C, 3-wire SPI
  • Some derivates have a key scan feature, built-in oscillators, internal charge pump, digital contrast adjustments
  • Packages: QFP/QFN, (T)SSOP and Die

In addition to this display controller and driver products Holtek has a richt offering of microcontroller which integrate this function directly. For appliction with less computation requirements 8-Bit microcontroller solution are available but also Cortex-M based 32-bit. Have a look at these application specific MCUs here.

Please let us know what display controller or driver you are looking for. Just get in contact with us or sent aus an request using this form.