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Power and Battery Management


Holtek offers a variety of solutions for power and battery management. The designers have a broad selection from a standard LDO or voltage detector to highly integrated applications specific microcontroller with special peripherals but also AC to DC solutions or chargers.

Product Categories

  • Power Management
    • LDO up to 40V input voltage
    • Voltage detectors up to 30V input voltage
  • DC/DC converter:
    • asynchronous and synchronous Step-Down up to 60V input voltage
    • asynchronous and synchronous Step-Up up to 12V output voltage
    • Charge pump for voltage inverter application
  • AC/DC converter:
    • Flyback, Buck and Buck-Boost topologies supported
    • Internal or External MOSFET
    • Input Voltage: 9V up to 38V
    • Power Ratings: Up to 200W
  • Li Battery & Power Management
    • Li Battery Protection Frontend and MCU
    • USB Power Delivery Flash MCU
  • Battery Management
    • MCUs for Power Bank applications
    • Battery Charger Solution
    • Wireless Charger TX/RX
    • MCU with linear charger for hand held applications

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