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Elec & Eltek

E & E Magnetic Products Limited (EEMPL) is a member of the Elec & Eltek Group - one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality electronic components including printed circuit boards, liquid crystal displays and magnetic products.


Power Magnetics

Power Inductors; Switchmode Power Supply Transformers; Power Common Mode Chokes; Gate Drive and Isolation Transformers; Power Current Sense.

Telecom Magnetics

EEMPL telecom magnetic modules are designed to support T1/E1/CEPT/ISDN-Pri, T3/E3/DS3/STS-1, DDS/Switch 56, E4/STM-1, ISDN U-Interface, and ISDN S-Interface along with V.29, V.32, V.34, V.90, V.92.

Broadband Magnetics

A wide range of broadband magnetic modules support xDSL, HFC and cable modems. EEMPL also designs many transformers to match all the leading transceiver chipsets.

LAN Magnetics

EEMPL offers the discrete magnetic LAN modules that comply with IEEE802.3 and ANSI X3.263 standards. 10Base-T,100Base-T, 1000Base-T and 10GBase-T; PoE/PoE+.

Magnetics Integrated Connector

EEMPL is pleased to offer a wide range of Magnetics Integrated Connector (MIC) modules for LAN, Telecom and other applications.


EEMPL's automotive magnetic products include: Shielded-Type power inductors (ASEPT series),HC Rod inductors for Brushless fans (A31 series) and SEPIC transformers(A35 series)