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Integrated RJ45 Connector


Link-PP is a woldwide leader in integrated RJ45 connector modules.

Key Features:

  • Speed (10G BASE-T/10 BASE-T/100 BASE-TX/1000 BASE-T)
  • Number of Ports (1x1/1x2/1x4/1x6/1x8/2x1/2x2/2x4/2x6/2x8/8 Port/12 Port/RJ45 with Simple USB/RJ45 with Dual USB)
  • Application-LAN: Ethernet/PoE/PoE+
  • Temperature: -40°C up to +85°C
  • Latch: Down/UP/Both
  • Pin Type: THT/Press Fit/ SMT
  • Led Option: different versions available please view directly at manufacturer homepage, please find link below
  • Shield EMI Tabs: yes/no