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Smart Home Audio


Audio SoCs

Nuvoton ARM Cortex-M based Audio SoCs series provides powerful yet cost effective single-chip solution for applications that require voice/audio features. The system-on-chip (SoC) is equipped with a variety of peripherals such as Multi-Function Timers, SPI, UART, I2C, PWM, GPIO.

Audio SoCs Family includes

ISD ChipCorder

Nuvoton ISD ChipCorder® Family is a complete, single chip solution for voice, audio recording and playback. It is designed to offer the highest quality single-chip voice record/playback solutions for embedded applications. They are ideal for adding pre-recorded voice prompts and audio/sound feedback for touch buttons, alerts, interactive menus, and voice memos into consumer, industrial and security products.

ISD ChipCorder® Product Family includes

Audio Converters

Nuvoton high performance audio converter product family consist of product series that covers end to end of the Audio Signal path in an audio system. The product family fulfill the design needs to translate between analog and digital domains. These series are designed as cost-effective solutions targeting consumer, telecommunication and automotive markets.

Audio Converter Product Family includes

Audio Amplifiers

Nuvoton high-efficiency audio amplifiers are designed to address the market need for low power consumption and reduced switching noise for portable consumer devices such as smart phones, tablet PC, docking stations, portable audio and video players, LCD and LED TVs, and toys. 

Audio Amplifier Product Family includes

Audio Enhancement

Audio Enhancement Product Family introduces two series of powerful, technology leaping Audio DSP products. The product aims to provide enriched sound reproduction, and re-mastering enhancement.  

Our team work closely with industry leaders in audio processing algorithm. Audio Enhancement Product solutions utilize these advance algorithms to overcome audio hardware limitations in conventional consumer electronics devices & speakers.The result of the perfect fusion can be heard by the rich audio content, with wide dynamic range, and full frequency response on a limited audio system.

With different audio performance focus, Nuvoton provides to major product series, that can be designed and fine-tuned with customer target Audio System. Our solutions are adapted by leading brand worldwide.

Target application ranges from any application segment with speaker, that target to provide added value in sound. Specifically, in the area of Smart TV, AIO, Gaming Monitor, Projector, Smart Speaker, BT/Wireless Speaker, Gaming Headsets.

Audio Enhancement Product Family includes

Audio & Speech Controllers

NuVoice Series

Nuvoton’s NuVoice Series is a voice processing SoC with high integration analog and digital peripherals and high performance algorithms for varieties of interactive and funny toys. It builds in high performance 32bit Cortex™-M0 core, ADC, DAC, PA and PGC for long duration, sound effect, detection, watermark and voice recording related applications.

Nuvoton’s NuVoice Series: N571P032, N572P072, N572F072, N572F065.

PowerSpeech Series

Nuvoton’s PowerSpeech® is a fundamental Speech product line with advanced synthesis technology to implement up to 3-ch Voice/Melody. This series contains wide voltage range product families with 4-bit or 8-bit uC based core to fulfill multi-tasking applications on toy market.  Take the advantage of high quality algorithms, it perform outstanding sound quality with low cost structure to get the best cost performance product line. Except basic features such as H/W PWM I/O, high sink I/O ports, IR carrier, LVR, WDT for various applications, it also has user friendly full fledge development tools with ICE level debugger, Ultra_I/O system, PowerScript® language and WIZARD code generation.
Nuvoton’s PowerSpeech® Series includes various families with specific product segments. 

Nuvoton’s PowerSpeech™ Series : W581J, W528S, W584A, W584B, N584L, W588C, W588D, N588H, W588L.

BandDirector Series

Nuvoton’s BandDirectorSeries is a multi-channel Speech/MIDI product line with advanced Wavetable Melody synthesis technology to implement up to 16-ch Voice/Melody synthesizer. With the help of high performance 8-bit uC core and advanced algorithms, this series performs high quality melody and sound effects. Except basic features such as SIM interface, H/W PWM I/O, high sink I/O ports, IR carrier, LVR, WDT for infant toys or ELA applications, it also provides various timbre libraries and MIDI effects that suitable for instrument toys and organ applications.

Nuvoton’s BandDirector Series contains sub-product families with different channel numbers. Nuvoton’s BandDirector Series : N567G, N567K, N567H, N567L, W567C.

ViewTalk Series

Nuvoton’s ViewTalk® Series is a high integration of Speech/Melody product line with LCD driver synthesizer. It has advanced 8-bit uC insides, advanced voice/melody synthesizer and LCD regulator with levels of voltage bias to implement high quality sound and display effects.  ViewTalk® series offers key features such as 1K ~ 2K dot COM-SEG, B/W or grey scale display, SIM interface, H/W PWM I/O, high sink I/O ports, IR carrier, LVR, WDT for ELA applications; it also provides dual page mode for animation moving smoothly.
Nuvoton’s ViewTalk® Series contains sub-product families for ELA applications.

Nuvoton’s ViewTalk® Series: N531, N537A, W539A, N538A, N538T, N539T.

Peripheral Series

Apply with main chip MCUs (PowerSpeech®, BandDirector®, ViewTalk®, NuVocie®) , nuvoton also support correspondent peripheral devices to expand wider applications in Toy market. Those peripheral devices include memory extension, ADC, USB, I/O expander, Cap Sensor, MFID and RF. 


NuSpeech Series

NuSpeech is a high sound quality Voice Synthesizer with advance 5-bit MDPCM algorithm. It includes 4-bit uC and GPIO share with CPU I/F to communicate with external MCU and PWM output to playback voice. With help of evaluation board, NV-584VP, it is easy to define voices combination and implement code quickly.