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RFID and NFC Labels


Identiv’s RFID Labels are blank, printed, or transparent radio frequency identification stickers for metallic or non-metallic surfaces.

Tamper-Proof RFID Labels

Identiv’s Tamper-Proof RFID Labels integrate state-of-the-art aluminum-etched antennas and an innovative, tamper-proof release coating.

  • Can be applied to glass, paper, plastic, and other non-metal surfaces
  • Guaranteed to destruct after the label is torn
  • Impossible to tear off the complete antenna or label
  • Once torn, will no longer be functional and cannot be reassembled
  • Ideal for preserving product integrity in NFC applications

RFID TOM® Labels

Standard RFID tags are not designed for metal. The technology behind our RFID Tag on Metal (TOM®)

Labels is unique. These high frequency (HF) labels (ISO/IEC 14443 or 15693) are equipped with a shielding technology that provides an optimum read range when applied to metallic surfaces.