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Microcontroller – MM32 Series


MindMotion 32-Bit MCU Families: Founded in 2011, Shanghai MindMotion Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is the leading supplier of general-purpose 32-bit MCU products and solutions.

MCU Series & Sub-Families

  • MM32F: This series is devided in a value line, mainstram and performance sub-family.
    • The value line contains Cortex-M0 MCU with up to 96MHz main clock and up to 128kB flash size. 8-pin to 64pin packages and basic set of peripherals like ADC, comparators, serial interfaces, USB and CAN. they are available in standard (-40/85°C) and extended (-40/105°C) industrial grade.
    • The mainstream line has Cortex-M0 (96MHz) and M3 (120MHz) derivates. 12-Bit ADCs and DACs and more peripherals compared to the value line of USB, SDIO, I2S and external bus interface to enable an improved scalability of the system.
    • The performance line brings extended RAM capacity, integrated Ethernet MAC, dual CAN, QSPI memory support and ADC with 3Msps sampling rate. These microcontrollers are based on an ARM China STAR-MC1 core with integrated FPU running at 120MHz. This processor has a Armv8-M mainline instruction set architecture,integrates with FPU and DSP. Its unit frequency CoreMark is approximately 20% higher than that of Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4. Flash memory sizes go up to 2.25 MB and pin count up to 144.
  • MM32G: This series is devided also in an value and performance sub-family
    • Value Line of G series is upgrade from F Series in terms of optimized pinout and increas of GPIO. These MCUs run with main clocks of 48MHz to 96MHz and have some FlexCAN-FD and I3C options.
    • The performance line of the G series are also based on an STAR-MC1 core with FPU and DSP. The I/O port is 5V tolerant and the user has access to a configurable logic unit (CLU), acceleration of of trigonometric functions (CORDIC), 2x 12-Bit ADC @ 3Msps and more.
  • MM32L: The L series targets low-power applications. The new controllers based on Cortex-M0+ core achieve 700nA in stand-by mode and only 100nA in shut-down mode typically. They embedd low-power operational amplifiers as well as analog comparators. They runs with up to 48MHz main clock and support up to 64kB FLASH available in 20-pin to 64-pin packages.
  • MM32A: The Auto Control MCU series of Mindmotion is based on a Cortex-M3 core running up to 72MHz. They are AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified and bring ADCs, DAC and comparators together with CAN-FD, USB and seriel Interfaces. Memory size goes up to 128kB. Packages with 20-pin (TSSOP), 32-pin in QFN and LQFP, LQFP 48 and 64 are available.
  • MM32SPIN: The SPIN MCU series is dedicated for motor control application. Depending on the derivate driver, pre-driver or even MOSFETs are integrated.
  • MM32W: The W Series integrates an Cortex-M0 MCU and an 2.4GHz Transceiver for Bluetooth 5.1 communication.

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