LVDS/DVI/HDMI/MHL/DP – Tx/Rx, Splitter, Switch, Repeater, CEC




Part-No.FunctionStandardDescription / Features
EP102RxLVDSLVDS / 112 MHz / 3 x 6/8bit receiver / TSSOP-56
EP103TxLVDSLVDS / 135 MHz / 3 x 10 bit / compatible to THC63LVD103 / LQFP-64
EP103BTxLVDSLVDS / 135 MHz / 3 x 8 bit / BGA-56
EP103TTxLVDSLVDS / 135 MHz / 3 x 8 bit / TSSOP-56
EP105TxLVDSLVDS / 165 MHz / 3 x 10 bit
EP104RxLVDSLVDS / 90 MHz / 3 x 10 bit / compatible to THC63LVD104
EP387ATxLVDSLVDS / 170 MHz / 3 x 8 bit / compatible to DS90C387A (EOL)
EP124CbridgeLVDS2 single ch LVDS In / 2 dual ch LVDS Out incl. matrix switch / line buffer


Part-No.FunctionStandardDescription / Features
EP116TxRGB->DP4-lane DP/eDP transmitter with Digital RGB interface
EP126UTxLVDS->DP4-lane DP/eDP transmitter with LVDS inputs
EP146UTxLVDS->DP4-lane DP/eDP transmitter with LVDS and RGB inputs
EP149TxLVDS->cLVDS8-Lane cLVDS Transmitter with 4-Port LVDS or Digital Inputs
EP194RxcLVDS->LVDS5.4G 4-Lane cLVDS Receiver with 4-port LVDS Outputs
EP196ETxcLVDS->DP5.4G 4-Lane DP/eDP 1.2 Transmitter w/ 8-Lane cLVDS Outputs
EP9169SRxHDMI->cLVDS6G HDMI2.0 Receiver w/ 8-lane cLVDS output
EP965UTxcLVDS->HDMI6G cLVDS Input w/ HDMI 2.0 Output (w/ HDCP2.2)
EP269bridgeDVI->LVDSdual channel DVI input w/ HDCP and double Dual-LVDS outputs
EP369SbridgeDP->LVDSDisplayPort input with double Dual-LVDS outputs (new!)
EP94Z3bridgeHDMI->LVDSHDMI 1.4 Repeater with Audio, VGA and Scaled LVDS outputs
EP9851RxHDMI 1.2HDMI Rx incl. 10bit DAC VGA + I2S, SPDIF
EP94Z1ERxHDMI 1.4Low Power HDMI Rx with VGA & Audio Out / embedded MCU
EP9853RxHDMI 1.22-port HDMI-In, 10bit DAC VGA+Digital-Out
EP9855switchHDMI 1.33:2 Switch w/ 3-In & 2-Out (one digital, one analog) / PiP-PoP
EP9142splitterHDMI 1.41:2 splitter; 12-bit Deep Full HD, Full 3D and 4K2K video
EP9162SsplitterHDMI 2.01:2 splitter; 6G HDMI 2.0 / HDCP 2.2 Splitter with Jitter Clean (new)
EP9164SsplitterHDMI 2.01:4 splitter; 6G HDMI 2.0 / HDCP 2.2 Splitter with Jitter Clean (new)
EP9134splitterHDMI 1.31:4 splitter; 1.8V
EP9144UsplitterHDMI 1.41:4 splitter; 12-bit Deep Full HD, Full 3D and 4K2K video
EP9351/BRxHDMI 1.3low power HDMI Rx w/ Digital-, I2S- & SPDIF-Out (LQFP-80/BGA-81)
EP9353RxHDMI 1.32-port HDMI-In, Digital-Out
EP9431/AswitchHDMI 1.34:1 switch w/ hot plug detect (LQFP-128; A-version: LQFP-100)
EP9431FswitchHDMI 1.34:1 switch w/ EDID ROM, w/ embedded MCU, hot plug detect
EP9461EswitchHDMI 2.06G 4:1 switch (new)
EP9432switchHDMI 1.34:2 full matrix switch w/ separate audio, I2S & SPDIF
EP9442UswitchHDMI 1.43.4 GHz 4-IN 2-OUT Switch/Repeater with MHL, ARC
EP9452switchHDMI 1.43.4 GHZ 4-IN 2-OUT Repeater with MHL, ARC and OSD
EP9462SswitchHDMI 2.04-In 2-Out Repeater with HDCP 2.2 / 6G to 3G Conversion (new)
EP92A3ErepeaterHDMI 1.43-In 1-Out Repeater with Audio In/Out, MHL, ARC & 4K2K Scaler
EP94A2EswitchHDMI 1.34:1 Repeater Switch w/ Audio In/Output f. Audio Amplifier Appl.
EP94A3KswitchHDMI 1.44:1 Repeater/Switch w/ Audio Ch., HEAC; Instant Port Switching
EP94A1KswitchHDMI 1.34:1 switch w/ separate digital audio, I2S & SPDIF; integ. Keys
EP91A6SrepeaterHDMI 2.06G / 1:1 repeater w/ audio in/out (I2S & SPDIF), ARC and HDCP2.2
EP92A6SrepeaterHDMI 2.06G / 3-In 1-Out repeater w/ audio in/out, MHL, ARC and HDCP2.2
EP91H0repeaterHDMI 1.4HDMI Transmitter/Receiver w/ Audio Return Channel (ARC)
EP91H1repeaterHDMI 1.4HDMI Ethernet Tx/Rx (HEC)
EP932MTxHDMI 1.31-port Tx / low power (64-LQPFP, 7x7 mm)
EP936ETxHDMI 1.31-port Tx / integrated HDCP/HDMI controller + integ. HDCP keys
EP952TxHDMI 1.41-port Tx / ultra low-power, w/ HDCP keys (LQFP-64)
EP956TxHDMI1.4/MHLLow Power HDMI/MHL Tx; RGB/YUV+audio -> HDMI/MHL
EP94M1bridgeHDMI 1.4HDMI bridge; MHL/HDMI In -> HDMI Out; w/ on-chip equalizer
EP94M3switchHDMI 1.43:1 MHL/HDMI to HDMI Switcher / 225MHz
EP962EbridgeDP->HDMIDisplayPort Rx with HDMI 1.4
EP963EconverterDP 1.2 / HDMI 2.06G / DP1.2 to HDMI 2.0 converter
EP9633CconverterDP->HDMI6G / DP1.2 to HDMI 2.0 converter (w/ HDCP 2.2)
EP9553ERxHDMI1.4/MHL 2.0Low Power 3-Port HDMI/MHL Combo Rx incl MCU; RGB/YUV Out
EP9555EswitchHDMI1.4/MHLLow Power 3-Port HDMI/MHL Receiver w/ Scaler and RGB/YUV Output
EP94Z6/KrepeaterHDMI1.4/MHLHDMI/MHL Repeater w/ Audio, VGA, HDMI + Scaled LVDS/OSD Out
EP91X1ErepeaterHDMISingle port 6G HDMI Cascade Extender (new!)
EP91C1EextenderHDMI 2.0b6 GHz HDMI 2.0b Extender IC with on-chip video compression + decompression


Part-No.FunctionStandardDescription / Features
EPF011A/CCEC-8051-based MCU incl. HDMI CEC & EDID functionality
EPF021A--Generic 8 bit MCU w/ 64KB eFlash, 256 Bytes direct RAM + 3KB RAM
EPF025A--Generic 8 bit MCU w/ 128KB eFlash and 4.25KB RAM
EPF025R--Generic 8 bit MCU w/ 128KB eFlash and 4.25KB RAM


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