Standard TFT LCD

CTP…Capacity Touch Panel RTP…Resistive Touch Panel
Santek Model No. Module Size
(W×H×T mm)
Active Area Interface CTP RTP
1.44" 128x128 ST0144H2W-RSLW-F 35.35x38.00x2.60 25.50x26.50 8bit MCU
+ 4wire SPI
128x128 ST0144S2W-RSLW-F 33.30x38.00x2.50 25.50x26.50 CPU    
1.77" 128x160 ST0177Y3W-RSLW-H 34.64x46.70x2.40 28.03x35.04 CPU 8BITS    
2.0" 240x320 ST0200B2W-RSLW-F 35.80x51.20x2.00 30.60x40.80 8/16 bit MCU  
176x220 ST0200T1-RSLW-F 38.03x51.65x2.50 31.68x39.60 CPU 8/16BITS    
2.2" 240x320 ST0220T1W-RSLW-F 40.60x56.60x2.70 33.84x45.12 RGB 18BITS
+ 4wire SPI
2.4" 240x320 ST0240Y7W-RSLW-F 42.72x60.26x2.60 36.72x48.96 8/16bit MCU  
320x240 ST0240S7W-RSLW-F 55.16x48.49x2.35 48.96x36.72 3wire SPI
+ 18bit RGB
2.8" 240x320 ST0280S1W-RSLW-F 50.00x69.20x2.25 43.20x57.60 8/16bit MCU  
3.5" 480x640 ST0350L1W-RSLW-F 64.00x85.00x3.10 53.568x71.424 RGB 18BITS    
480x640 ST0350T7W-RSLW-F 64.00x85.00x3.00 53.28x71.04 RGB 18BITS  
320x240 ST0350T8W-RSLW-F 76.90x63.90x3.15 70.08x52.56 RGB/
4.0" 480x800 ST0400S1-RSLW-F 56.34x95.70x2.10 51.84x86.40 RGB 24BITS  
480x800 ST0400N1W-RSLW-F 57.06x98.10x2.10 51.84x86.40 CPU 16BITS    
480x800 ST0400A1-RSLW-F 57.14x97.88x1.85 51.84x86.40 RGB 24BITS  
4.3" 480x272 ST0430P2W-RSLW-F 105.50x67.20x2.95 95.04x53.86 RGB 24BITS    
480x272 ST0430S1W-RSLW-F 105.50x67.20x2.80 95.04x53.86 RGB 24BITS
5.0" 720x1280 ST0500A1W-RSLW-C 65.00x118.56x1.78 62.10x110.40 MIPI    
800x480 ST0500B1W-RSLW-F 120.70x76.30x3.10 108.00x64.80 RGB  
5.6" 640x480 ST0560I4W-RSLW-F 126.50x100.00x5.70 112.896x84.672 RGB
5.7" 320x240 ST0570E1-RBSLW-F 127.16x98.40x6.06 115.20x86.40 RGB/
320x240 ST0570T1W-RSLW-F 144.00x104.60x12.30 115.20x86.40 RGB 18BITS  
320x240 ST0570Y1W-W-F 128.00x101.24x1.60 115.20x86.40 8/16bit MCU  
640x480 ST0570T2W-RSLW-F 144.00x104.60x12.30 115.20x86.40 RGB 18BITS  
7.0" 800x480 ST0700I5-RBSLW-F 164.90x100.00x5.70 154.08x85.92 RGB 24BITS
800x480 ST0700P2W-RSLW-F 165.00x100.00x5.70 154.08x85.92 RGB 24BITS  
800x480 ST0700I7W-RSLW-F 165.00x104.00x5.50 152.40x91.44 RGB 18BITS
1200x1920 ST0700T1-RSLW-C 98.70x160.80x1.82 94.50x151.20 MIPI
8.0" 800x600 ST0800C6W-RSLW-F 183.00x141.00x5.60 162.00x121.50 RGB 24BITS
800x1280 ST0800I1-RSLW-C 114.60x184.10x2.45 107.64x172.22 MIPI
9.0" 800x480 ST0900I2W-RSLW-F 211.10x126.50x5.90 198.00x111.696 RGB 24BITS
10.1" 1280x800 ST1010I1-RSLW-C 229.46x149.10x2.50 216.96x135.60 LVDS
10.2" 800x480 ST1020I3-RBSLW-F2 235.00x145.80x6.10 222.00x132.48 RGB 18BITS
10.4" 1024 X 768 ST1040C1W-RSLW-C 238.60x175.80x6.61 210.40x157.80 LVDS
18.5" 1366x768 ST1850B2-RSLW-C 430.40x254.60 x10.90 409.80x230.40 LVDS    
21.5" 1920 x1080 ST2150B1-RSLW-C 495.60x292.20x10.20 476.64x268.11 Double LVDS    

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