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Real Time Clock Modules

DAPU Telecom

DAPU Real Time Clock Modules: Founded in 2005, DAPU TELECOM, has quickly emerged into the top range of oscillator industry by providing matched timing solutions for telecommunication, position and factory automatic control to her clients.

Dapu has always devoted itself to the technology innovation, so Dapu has been one of the top innovation patents owner in timing and frequency industry in China. In the future, Dapu will be committed to providing the global customers with high-quality timing and frequency products and solutions, and constantly seek innovations for the ultimate stability and reliability for communication networks.

Real Time Clock Module Overview

Within their Chip Series DAPU is offering real time clock modules (RTC). DAPU integrates their RTC IC with an 32.768kHz crystal in one package for easy handling and to offer additional system features.

In this portfolio DAPU is offering:

  • Temperature compensated RTC for automotive (+/-5ppm@-40 to 85°C/+105°C) and industrial (+/-2ppm@-40 to 85°C) use.
  • High Accuracy RTCs without temperature compensation but +/-5ppm @25°C
  • Wide Temp RTC from -55°C up to +125°C with +/-100ppm

In addition also some RTC ICs are offered without a built in crystal.

Applications DAPU adress with this products are

  • Security monitoring: IPC, DVR, NVR, smart door lock, access control system etc.
  • Consumer electronics: notebook, pad, PC etc.
  • Communication network: base station, switch etc.
  • Automotive electronics: T-box, IPC, taxi meter, DVR, automobile instrument etc.
  • Meter: electricity meter, water meter, gas meter etc.
  • Smart home: HEMS home energy management system, smart temperature controller, sweeping robot, water heater, smart socket etc.
  • Automatic industrial control: mechanical arm, PLC motor servo, HMI, servo controller etc.
  • Medical / office equipment / test and measurement: oximeter, medical monitor, endoscope, attendance machine, MFP etc.

You have any application with needs accurate timing. Contact us about the whole DAPU Telecom portfolio. They offer from a crystal up to STRATUM 1 clock modules the whole range.