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Connectors by ATTEND Inc.


Connectors by ATTEND Inc.: ATTEND, based in Taiwan, has been dedicated to delivering comprehensive connectivity solutions to customers worldwide. Their product line includes a wide range of connectors and cables. These products find applications across diverse sectors, including industrial, networking, transportation, medical and consumer electronics.

With the 4 core elements

Customiziation, Quality, Service & Connect

ATTEND highly focusses on your business to figure out the market needs enabling the right offer with connectors out of many categories like

  • Flash Memory Socket: SD, micro SD, CF, CF Express, CFast, SmartCard
  • PCB Card Socket: M.2, Mini PCI, Mini PCI Express, MXM, SO DIMM, SIM Card
  • I/O Connectors: SPE, USB, HDMI, RJ45, SPF/ QSPF, OBD2
  • Circular Connectors: M Series with different diameter & pin count, Plastic A / B /C / D Size for mission critical applications, Sealed I/O
  • Power Connectors: Battery Connector, Spring Loaded Pogo Pin & Connectors
  • Board-to-Board: FPC Connectors
  • Micro Coaxial RF: 100MHz up to 6 / 12 GHz

In addition waterproof connector options are also available as well as standard and custom cables for nearly all offered connector types ((High-Speed) Data, Power).

Looking for a safe connection on your board or to you product. Get in contact with us directly! We glad to help with the right choice from ATTEND's comprehensive portfolio!