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Automotive/Advanced Pixel Link (APIX2)


The Automotive/Advanced Pixel Link (APIX) 2nd generation is used for fast data transfer (up to 3 Gbit/s) across long distances (12m) using simple screened twisted cables. By reducing the data rate for longer distances, 40m connections are still possible as in APIX. Primary applications are for automobiles, particularly: driver information display (Cluster), rearview cameras (ADAS) and fellow passenger entertainment (Infotainment/RSE). HD quality images can be transported around vehicles in real time.

This new generation of APIX provides features like an MII (Ethernet), GPIO pins with lowest latency and an APIX1 mode (receiver) for backward compatibility.


Features of APIX2:

Data rate
  • Up to 3 Gbit/s (500 Mbit/s, 1 Gbit/s, 3 Gbit/s) data transfer rate with downstream video data rates net up to 2591 Mbit/s for up to 12m cable length
  • 187.5 Mbit/s data transfer rate for upstream operator input (mouse, keyboard, touch)
  • Parallel transfer of two video streams
Video interfaces
  • Parallel RGB (10,12,18 or 24 Bit)
  • OpenLDI compliant LVDS interface with Single Pixel Format (18 or 24 Bit)
  • Parallel Bulk Data Mode (10, 12, 18, 24 Bit)
Power Supply
  • 3,3 V/1,8 V
  • HD-capable
  • Further control interfaces like SPI, GPIO, I²C
  • Full-duplex capable


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