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Atlas Magnetics

Atlas Magnetics with HQ Reno /Nevada in USA, founded by veterans with a proven track record in chip design. They revolutionizing electronics by minimizing the need for bulky passive components. Their expertise in advanced packaging and power delivery enable the creation of a new generation of integrated circuits.

µASICs by Atlas Magnetics

With its µASICs, Atlas Magnetics also offers electronics developers completely new possibilities in electronic design. These µASICs integrate LUTs, logic, timers, oscillators, analog comparators, current sources, voltage references and in some cases even temperature sensors. The interconnection of these blocks can be configured using the freely accessible in-house Atlas EDA software, allowing circuits that usually require various components on the PCB to be replaced by one IC, following the principle "Integrate 10 components, in 10 seconds for 10 cents".

The advantages of the µASIC series

  • Low power: low Iq down to 500nA minimum
  • Low cost/Smaller PCB spaces: replacement of up to 10 components
  • Asynchronous design: response times in ns, not µs
  • Any-to-any connections: in contrast to an FPGA, any macrocell can be connected to any other macrocell
  • Uniform macrocells: simple transfer/extension of the design as required
  • Higher quality: no software crashes can occur due to hardware configuration, improves the FIT rate

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