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Power Management & Supervisory

EM Microelectronic

Power Management & Supervisory by EM: EM Microelectronic, began its activities in the 1970s with the development of miniaturised integrated circuits with very low power consumption for watches.


EM Microelectronic has been part of Swatch Group since 1985. Starting from the electronic watch, a mass-produced product requiring very little power and low voltages, the company has entered new markets and is today a leader in supplying highly optimized electronic circuits for battery-powered and field-operated applications.

Power Management & Supervisory by EM

EM Microelectronic has build its energy solutions for different applications

  • energy harvesting (solar, thermal, movement & magnetic field)
  • power management controller for low power applications
  • Watchdog and reset circuits for power supervision

You are searching for power management solutions, contact us for more details on the possibilities with EM!