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Full-Bridge MOSFET module (40V) by Bruckewell

Vollbrücken-MOSFET-Modul (40V) von Bruckewell


Full-Bridge MOSFET module – Why? BLDC motors have been adopted across various applications such as power and garden tools, as well as household appliances, among others.

They offer several advantages over other conventional motors, including energy efficiency, smaller size, lighter weight, and increased reliability and durability. However, they have additional complexity in control and circuitry due to their electric commutation.

Among the components required for motor drive, BLDC motors require three half-bridges (six MOSFETs) to form a three-phase inverter. Instead of sourcing the MOSFETs separately, Bruckewell provides Full-Bridge N-Channel 40-V (D-S) MOSFET modules specifically tailored for such applications. These modules integrate three pairs of MOSFETs into a single PDFN 14×12 mm package, enhancing switching performance and enabling the motor to withstand high-energy pulses and commutation modes effectively.

Full-Bridge MOSFET module (40V) by Bruckewell – Advantages and other features:

  • Trench DMOS technology enabling lower RDs(ON) and high switching performance.
  • RDs(ON) from 2.6mΩ @10 Vgs (MSIE40N90-6)
  • Improved dv/dt capability

  • 100% EAS guaranteed
  • Green device available
  • Automotive and Industrial grade available
  • Package type: PDFN 14x12mm



Typical applications

The full-bridge N channel 40-V (D-S) MOSFET module from Bruckewell is suitable for applications using three-phase BLDC Motors as part of their three-phase motor drive, as a three-phase inverter, or as a full bridge module. These types of motors could be found in:

  • High-end white goods
  • hand-held power tools
  • High-end pumps and fans, among others


About Bruckewell

Founded in 2007, Bruckewell has been continuously developing diodes, bipolar transistors and MOSFETs as well as LED drivers.

In addition to products in classic Si technology, products of the latest technology generation are available with SiC diodes (soon as well SiC MOSFETs) in common package types as well as KGD or wafer. In addition Bruckewell ist offering GaN on Sapphire products for high frequency switching with low losses.

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