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Bruckewell – GaN on Sapphire for Digital Power

Bruckewell – GaN on Sappire: The portfolio of the Taiwanese manufacturer Bruckewell now also offers various GaN solutions for digital power supplies with QR (quasi resonant) and LLC topologies.

In contrast to its competitors, Bruckewell uses a GaN on Sapphire process for its GaN products. This achieves better backside insulation and lower leakage currents compared to the more common GaN on Si technology. The process at Bruckewell is designed for 650V.

Bruckewell – GaN on Sappire Solutions

650V GaN Cascode

In order to provide customers with design flexibility, Bruckewell has developed the HMHL065N185C, a product based on a “normally on” GaN switch and a “normally off” Si MOSFET for the gate realization, resulting in a common “normally off” component. Bruckewell – GaN on Sapphire LineupBruckewell had the cost structure in mind here, as GaN “normally on” switches are less expensive to manufacture. The compatible gate voltage range of +/-20V is achieved. This solution addresses power supplies in the power range from 20W to 3kW. With the CBR06P65HL, Bruckewell recommends a suitable SiC Schottky diode as the PFC diode. You can find out more about Bruckewell’s SiC diodes here

650V GaN E-mode power transistor

However, if you prefer a more classic design, Bruckewell offers the HMHL065N210E, a 650V GaN Enhancement Mode Power Transistor.

650V GaN cascode with integrated gate driver circuit

The third product available is a GaN/Si cascode similar to the HMHL065N185C mentioned above, but this time with an integrated gate driver circuit – the HMHL065N170CI. This further simplifies the control. The slew rate can be set via an external resistor RSET between 10 kOhm and 100 kOhm. The IC requires a supply voltage between 10V and 30V. It is controlled by a PWM with 5V or 15V at up to 1MHz.

All three GaN products from Bruckewell are available in an 8mm x 8mm PDFN package.

Bruckewell supports with datasheets and reference designs on request

About Bruckewell

Bruckewell Technology LTD is a Taiwanese company and was founded in 2007. It specializes in the development of power discretes. In addition to the products presented here, the portfolio ranges from diodes for a wide variety of applications to bi-polar transistors and MOSFETs – Si and SiC technology is used by Bruckewell for the developments here. In addition to housed components, wafers / KGD are also offered as a delivery form.

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