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PREMO – 60 Jahre PREMO – Innovation & Sustainability

60 years in the electronics industry is proof of innovativePREMO Innovation und Nachhaltigkeit - 60 Jahre PREMO products, a measure of respectability and, above all, of forward-looking management.

The increasing shortage of natural resources is one of the global challenges of our age. Optimizing resource efficiency is an important goal of PREMO’s sustainability strategy.

PREMO is constantly working to find new ways to cut energy consumption per part by half and to be CO2 neutral by 2030.

Designed for Sustainability

By building a “Designed for Sustainability” product offering made from 100% renewable and recycled sources, PREMO is increasing its green footprint beyond that.

In a short video clip, PREMO goes into more detail about each aspect of this strategy:

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Sustainability through PREMO’s innovation

PREMO enables developers to optimize existing designs in efficiency – especially in the mid and PREMO Innovation und Nachhaltigkeit 3DPowerupper power range – through innovations of their own inductive components.  This brings the society in total closer to a CO2 neutral future – by improving the supply infrastructure for electric vehicles (read here about PLC transformers for V2G and V2V communication), reducing weight in the vehicle through new technologies like 3DPower(read more in our article here) or enabling communication solutions in medium voltage networks for better monitoring and control. 




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