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PREMO – Free Webinar – Innovative Inductive Power Components Optimized for DC/DC Converters

Innovative Inductive Power ComponentsPREMO’s product portfolio includes RFID antennas, power transformers, inductors and chokes, current sensors, EM motion tracking sensors and PLC components. In addition to the wide range of standard components and products, PREMO develops customized solutions based on the latest technologies to make your systems more efficient. One focus are applications in the power range of 1kW up to 100kW.

What you will learn

Innovative Inductive Power ComponentsInductive components play a significant role in determining the size and cost of high-frequency DC-DC converters. The trends are that power electronics engineers implement new semiconductor technologies that enable higher operating frequencies, which can reduce the size of inductive components and converters.

PREMO, as a developer and manufacturer of inductive components for automotive applications, has been repeatedly asked by customers to research and provide practical solutions in advancement of these components with respect to this design philosophy.


In this webinar, you’ll hear firsthand the developer and manufacturer:

  • Present approaches for developing active components including a discussion on necessary calculations and appropriate simulation tools.
  • The technologies that lead to innovative solutions are presented.
  • In addition, a brief overview on cooling systems and materials is given, as heat dissipation from the converter is essential.



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