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Bruckewell – MOSFETs with automotive qualification

MOSFETs mit Automotive Qualifizierung Bruckewell OverviewWe already introduced our new partner Bruckewell for power discretes. Here we would like to present their automotive MOSFETs portfolio.

As a short comment we would like to mention that Bruckewell offers besides products base on classical Si technology also a lot of  SiC diodes. SiC MOSFETs are in development recently.

Portfolio Overview

Now let us look on the MOSFETs, which have an AEC-Q101 qualification.

There are P- and N-channel types avalailable. Their VDS voltage covers the range from -40V to +100V. Common used packages like DPAK, DFN or TO-220 make the choice easy. In addition, there are some MOSFETs in TO-263 package available.

Portfolio specification outline:

  • VDS = – 60 V to 100V
  • ID = – 100 A to 260A
  • RDS(on) = 1.6 mΩ to 210 mΩ

Here all MOSFETs with an AEC-Q101 qualification listed (until now):

MOSFETs mit Automotive Qualifizierung Bruckewell Overview

Furthermore, over 70 more derivatives are ready for AEC-Q101 qualification. Ask our team for more details.

As mentioned other products from Bruckewell are also available with automotive qualification, e.g. their Schottky diodes. So if you are not only looking for MOSFETs with AEC-Q101 qualification, we can help you on the right choice for your application from Bruckewell’s portfolio.

Get in contact with us on more details and how to secure your supply chain.

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