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WISEKEY – VaultIC Family to protect your business

The number of companies that have to protect their business against an increasing number of threats is growing rapidly. Due to the trend for a world of connected products in IoT applications but also the trend of products being produced using a global supply chain, attackers find more and more ways to intercept or modify data, or to counterfeit and alter products, with an increasing risk of brand image loss of financial consequences for the original product owners.

As a long term player for privacy and security WISeKey is working since they were founded in 1999 on solutions to give companies the possibility to protect themselves against such threats. With dedicated hardware and software solutions and their ability to act as a root-of-trust authority a complete ecosystem was proven and is available.

WISEKEY - VaultIC SerieAs mentioned above electronic products have to be protected on a high level nowadays. With the VaultIC family ICs and the Managed Pubic Key Infrastructure INeS, WISeKey offers a versatile turnkey solution.

The certified tamper resistant secure chips have firmware that brings digital security and cryptographic functions to IoT devices. These chips provide configurable cryptographic services for authentication, data confidentiality and integrity check.

VaultIC offers a wide bundle of standard, NIST-recommended cryptographic algorithms (e.g. ECC, RSA, ECDSA, AES, SHA) and associated key lengths.

A certified hardware-based True Random Number Generator complements this set of features. VaultIC also provides on-chip secure data storage for secret keys, certificates and data.

VaultIC comes with a rich software environment including tools for protected boot, secure firmware update for IoT devices and secure communication (SSL/TLS) stacks.

Two common scenarios to use members of the WiseKey – VaultIC family ICs


This and more scenarios gain profit from low power architecture of VaultIC features


  • Security Services based on tamper-resistant hardware and embedded software
  • C. EAL5+ and FIPS 140-2 certifications (depending on product type and version)

Secure Data Storage

  • From 1.5 up to 112kB

Easy integration

  • I2C, SPI, ISO7816, USB2.0 full speed interface, USB CCID-compliant, GPIOs
  • Industry Standard IC Packages
  • Software Environment: Secure Boot, secure Updates, API, VaultIC Manager (personalization of file system), high-level cryptographic libraries for easy system integration (Embedded systems, as well as WIN, Linux or Mac environments) and much more

To increase the level of security even more, WISeKey’s Pre-Provisioning and Personalization Service VaultiTrust™ can be used:

  • VaultIC can be initialized with a certificate signed by the International Secure Electronic Transactions Organisation (OISTE) root key.
  • WISeKey can also perform the full personalization of the VaultIC following the customer’s requirements including the chip configuration and file system download.

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