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Espressif – Closer to Smart Home with matter protocol

Espressif released the ESP32-H2, a combo BT5/802.15.4 chip which fully supports the matter protocol – Next Gen Smart Home with matter!smart home with matter

With the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, the ESP32-H2 addresses solutions based on Thread and Zigbee. Furthermore, there shall be the option that the matter protocol is fully supported. This ensures interoperability for next generation smart home devices based on the ESP32-H2.

The matter protocol

The matter protocol is a new open source standard developed by the Zigbee alliance with the support of Amazon, Apple, Google and Samsung among others.


smart home with matterIts goal is to provide a unified approach for the development of home automation devices. Right now every supplier has its own proprietary protocol and hence is not compatible with the other manufacturers. The matter protocol promises to solve this problem. The first matter based devices are expected to be released in Q2 2022 but some vocal assistants already support it.





This new protocol is IP based and can be carried over WiFi or IEEE 802.15.4, which has a higher range and it’s well suited for smart home applications – the target application for ESP32-H2. See the supported subset of ESP32-H2 in the graphic above.

More details about ESP32-H2 SoC:

  • RISC-V core running up to 96MHz
  • 256kB integrated SRAM
  • 26 GPIOs
  • peripherals comparable to ESP32-C6 (ADC, Serial-IF, PWM, …)
  • Integrated DC/DC converter for energy efficient solutions
  • BLE 5.2 Subsystem

The ESP32-H2 is currently available as SoC and starting next year the first modules with integrated flash + antenna options (PCB or IPEX connector) will be available.

It is the perfect time to start working on a matter-based application, contact us to get this project going!

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