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Nuvoton Technology Announces M483KGCAE2A, Arm® Cortex®-M4F based Microcontroller, with dual ADC for Motor Control and camera interface for Image Recognition

Hsinchu, Taiwan – 2019/07/29 – Nuvoton Technology Corporation announces new parts of NuMicro® M480 series, M483KGCAE2A, with dual ADC and the camera interface. The M483KGCAE2A microcontroller, empowered by Arm® Cortex®-M4F with DSP instruction and FPU, runs up to 192 MHz and provides two independent 12-bit, 5 MSPS ADCs for simultaneous data sampling in motor control applications, a camera interface with 1-bit luminance calculation for fast image recognition, and three sets of CAN Bus 2.0B interfaces for robust industrial communication.

There are two independent high-speed ADCs offering up to 24 channels with the quadrature encoder interface (QEI), and up to 16-ch 192 MHz PWM, M483KGCAE2A is able to obtain the position feedback from mechanical devices, which realize the precise control of 3-phase servo moto. Multiple channels of ADC are also applied on multiple data sensing in power system application including UPS and PDU. Besides, M483KGCAE2A can meet IEC-60730 requirement for Class B security. Multiple data sensing in power system application includes UPS and PDU.

The camera interface supports CCIR656 and CCIR601 video transmission and provides hardware 1-bit luminance calculation to reduce the usage of SRAM. With the digital pattern recognition algorithm, M483KGCAE2A can recognize patterns shown in images, which is suitable for smart water meter, smart electricity meter or license plate number identification.

M483KGCAE2A equips three sets of CAN Bus 2.0B interfaces, the robust vehicle bus standard, connecting up to three same types or different types of CAN devices. M483KGCAE2A works as a CAN bridge and allows a flexible design of the network topology, and is applicable on the charging station or industrial control with robust communication requirement.

M483KGCAE2A runs up to 192 MHz, providing 256 KB Flash memory and 128 KB SRAM. The embedded flash memory supports eXecute-Only Memory (XOM) feature for securing the sensitive data or algorithm and the SRAM supports full or partial content retention in standby mode for reducing the power usage. When running at 192 MHz, the dynamic power consumption can be down to 130 μA/MHz; whereas in power-down mode, the power consumption of RTC with independent VBAT can be less than 500 nA.

In terms of system integrity, M483KGCAE2A support Secure Boot feature to protect the content in flash memory from malicious attack. With the Secure Boot functionality, M483KGCAE2A will verify the content of flash memory during every boot-up process. M483KGCAE2A also supports AES-256 and true random number generator for data encryption/decryption. Furthermore, M483KGCAE2A provides up to 6 tamper detection pins for system protection, 96-bit chip unique identification (UID), and 128-bit unique customer identification (UCID).

M483KGCAE2A supports 1.8V to 3.6V operating voltage, -40°C to 105°C operating temperature, 5V-tolerant I/O pins, and up to 3 kV ESD. Communication interfaces comprise USB full-speed OTG, 8 sets of 17 Mbps low-power UART, 1 sets of 3.4 MHz Smart Cards, 3 sets of 3.4 Mbps I²C, 2 set of 48 MB/s Quad-SPI, 3 sets of composite SPI/I²S running up to 96 Mbps or 192 kHz/16-bit I²S, 1 set of 192 kHz/32-bit I²S, and 1 set of SDIO. Integrated analog circuits include 12-bit 1 MSPS DAC and two comparators.

In addition to M483KGCAE2A, new parts of NuMicro® M480 series consist of the following series:

  • NuMicro® M481 base series: high performance, low power consumption, versatile high speed peripherals, and two independent 5 MSPS ADCs; eligible for motor control
  • NuMicro® M482 USB FS OTG series: USB 2.0 full speed interface with on-chip OTG PHY, USB crystal-less in device mode and Image capture interface; eligible for digital pattern recognition.
  • NuMicro® M483 CAN series: 3 sets of CAN Bus 2.0B interfaces and up to 9 sets of UART interfaces; eligible for the Internet of Vehicles and data transmission in industrial control.

Development Tools
In the meanwhile, Nuvoton launches NuMaker-M483KG development board supporting two independent 5 MSPS ADCs, the image capture interface, and 3 sets of CAN Bus 2.0B interfaces. NuMaker-M483KG supports Arduino module and provides FreeRTOS and Arm® Mbed™ OS with reference program including interface drivers, libraries, and sample programs. Nuvoton also provides emWin, the GUI software library for an embedded system, to easily and quickly develop and design fluent yet high quality human machine interface.
Nuvoton provides versatile hardware and software development tools, such as Nu-Link/Nu-Link-Pro programmer, which supports advanced debug function, PinConfig software for multi-function pin configuration, PinView software for monitoring pin status in real time, BSP driver and sample codes. IDE supports Keil MDK, IAR EWARM and NuEclipse (GCC), which can debug, trace and analyze your program on the development board.

Packaging and Availability
The new NuMicro® M480 series provides several packages including QEN33, LQFP48, LQFP64, and LQFP128
All NuMicro® M480 series has been put into mass production and samples are available now.

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