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Nuvoton – Extreme space-saving MOSFETs for protection circuits and more

Through the acquisition of Panasonic’s semiconductor products, Nuvoton has also expanded its offering to include very space-saving MOSFETs.

These products are available exclusively in Chip-Scale-Package (CSP) and thus offer several advantages with extremely space-saving sizes at the same time:


  • Almost the entire area of the MOSFET is its active area, this leads to a significantly lower RDSON in comparison – typical 1.1mOhm at these products
  • Monolithic design: Since the MOSFET is not made of DIE, bond wires, package, PIN material, etc. as in classical designs, the probability of failure is much lower. In Nuvoton’s CSP MOSFETs a current failure statistic of 0ppm is achieved.
  • Another advantage of the monolithic design is the better heat distribution, which results in a 14% lower thermal resistance.
  • Due to the small dimensions and the monolithic design the parasitic inductances are reduced to 0.01nH.

Designers can choose from over 20 types of dual N-channel FETs for VSS=12V, 16 for VSS=20-24V and one for VSS=30V, 3 standard N and P types each for VDS=12V and 10 derivatives each with AEC-Q101 qualification for use at VDS=40-60V.


nuvoton platzsparende mosfets

Typical application of the dual-channel FETs is the protection of Li-ion batteries in applications where space is limited, such as hearing aids, wireless in-ear headphones, e-cigarettes, smartphones/watches.

The above mentioned automotive derivatives find their application in the field of drivers for small loudspeakers for alerts as well as driving laser diodes for modern distance warning & monitoring systems like LiDAR.

Our team will be happy to advise you on your selection and provide you with a detailed overview of this high-performance family of MOSFETS.

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