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Nuvoton Announces NuMicro® M2351 Series Microcontrollers – Support from the FreeRTOS Kernel Targeting IoT Security

Nuvoton Technology Corporation, a leading microcontroller platform solution provider, is demonstrating the capability of FreeRTOS kernel support with the NuMicro® M2351 Series. The M2351 is one of the first Arm® Cortex®-M23 based MCUs that has a preconfigured example that embedded developers can use to run FreeRTOS on the officially supported Armv8-M architecture. Amazon Web Services (AWS) released the latest FreeRTOS kernel that includes a preconfigured example project for the Nuvoton NuMaker-PFM-M2351 evaluation board.

At the beginning of 2019, the M2351 Series had achieved with Arm PSA (Platform System Architecture) Level 1 Certified and PSA Functional Certification. PSA Certified enables device makers to achieve the security required for their use cases through three progressive levels of security assurance, each requiring increasingly rigorous hardware and software evaluation, which are assigned by analyzing the use case threat vectors.

In achieving Arm PSA Functional API Certification, Nuvoton better enables ecosystem software compatibility to PSA standards, independent of hardware platforms. It’s highly configurable to suit target applications on constrained devices.

As a very early Armv8-M architecture-based microcontroller vendor, Nuvoton has accumulated several Internet of Things (IoT) use cases covering a lot of devices connected to the internet with the M2351 Series. With the latest support in the FreeRTOS kernel,, Nuvoton keeps its leading position in Armv8-M microcontroller application field. We believe developers can leverage IoT security and low power features of the M2351., and the Armv8-M supported FreeRTOS kernel., to develop versatile IoT devices with speed and security. To understand more about the FreeRTOS kernel support for M2351 Series, please visit the M2351 product page at

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