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Novosense – Isolated ICs for robust and reliable applications

Inverter, industrial control or Charging station – these applications all required isolated ICs. We provide a brief overview of Novosense’s isolated gate drivers, amplifiers and interface ICs

Function & Isolation

Isolated ICs are used to protect two sections of an electrical system each other from unwanted currents, while the desired data or energy transmission is still possible.

There are a number of reasons for the isolation, such as protecting electronic components from overvoltage, the separation of system sections with different reference potentials and protect human operators against electrical shock.

Particularly in wired communication technology, for instance in an industrial environment, between buildings or between a vehicle with the charging station, ground loops must be prevented. Isolators are absolutely necessary for these applications.

There is a distinction between several stages of isolation. The lowest level is the „functional isolation“, which only serves to enable the electrical function as desired.

If there is in addition to the functional isolation a protection against electrical overvoltages implemented, it is called „basic isolation“.

One step above for redundancy another isolation barrier for electrical shock protection is required. This two layer insulation requires additional mechanical space and causes undesirable costs.

Therefore the reinforced isolators were introduced. These meet the requirements for a redundant insulation layer with compact dimensions at the same time.

Novosense reinforced isolator series achieve with the >30µm thick SiO2 layer the reinforced insulation rating for insulation voltages of more than 10kV.

Each channel use double side high voltage isolation capacitors. Thanks to Novoensense’s optimized and patented adaptive OOK encoding process, this solution features high resistance to common mode noise.

Application examples

Especially in applications, where different voltage levels and interfaces are present, many isolated components are necessary for robust operation.

A good example is a DC charging station. In the following diagram you can see marked in turquoise the wide spectrum that can be covered from Novosense, from isolated amplifiers and drivers to digital isolators up to isolated CAN transceivers.

Novosense – Isolierte ICs: DC Charging

Even if many interfaces are installed in a module at the same time, as is typically the case with industrial controllers, numerous different isolated interface ICs are required. As an example, the schematic of a servo controller is shown below, in which the extensive application possibilities of Novosense are also marked in turquoise

Novosense – Isolierte ICs: Industrial Controller

Product overview Novosense Isolator IC‘s

Isolator Series:

  • Reinforced Isolator: NSI82xx
  • ISO Interface: NSI8308x/NSI104x/NSIP83086
  • ISO Power: NSIP88xx/89xx/NIRSP31
  • Reinforced Isolator(15mm): NSI822x/3x/4x
  • Digital-Input: NSI8608
  • Opto-coupler P2P: NSI7210/7310

Isolated Amplifier

  • ISO Amps (Voltage): NSI1311/NSI1312
  • ISO Amps (Current): NSI1200/130x/NSI140x
  • ISO Comparator: NSI22C2x
  • ISO Amps w/ Power:NSI33xx

Isolated Interface

  • ISO I²C: NSI8100x , NSI8100NC
  • ISO RS485:           NSI83085/6E , NIRS31/485
  • ISO CAN:              NSI1042/50/52

Islolated Driver

  • ISO Half-bridge Driver NSI66x2/N/M
  • ISO Single Driver NSI6801 Optocoupler, NSI6601, NSI6801
  • ISO Smart Driver NSI6611, NSI6651, NSI68515

2 Product Highlights

The Novosense Reinforced Isolator NSi822x is highlighted by the Common Mode Transient Immunity of CMTI of +-200kV/us and is thus a leader in the market. Also the One-Side ESD of +-8kV and Dual-Side ESD of 15kV are many times higher than the usual values on the marked.

The isolated RS485 IC NSI83086 convinced with a CMTI of 150kV/us and a bus voltage range of 3.0V to 5.0V

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