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NOP912/14 – Precision, Low Offset & High Bandwidth OpAmps from Nuvoton

NOP912/14 – Precision OpAmps by Nuvoton

The semiconductor manufacturer Nuvoton (formerly part of Winbond) from Taiwan is not only steadily climbing up the microcontroller world rankings, but also offers many other semiconductor products that are not yet well known in Europe. These include operational amplifiers for a wide range of applications.

Here we would like to introduce to you the dual and quad NOP912/14 precision OpAmps, whose main characteristics are a low offset and a high bandwidth.

NOP912/14 – Precision OpAmps

The operating voltage range of 2.7 – 5.5 volts as well as the temperature range of -40 to +105°C match exactly the values of numerous MCU types the NuMicro® MCUs from NUVOTON and other manufacturers. This makes the operational amplifiers interesting for robust industrial applications, where the precise acquisition of small and fast signals is important.

The rail-to-rail characteristics for inputs and outputs further support these requirements. Typical applications are current and voltage measurement or the use in sensor interfaces. The OpAmps operate according to the chopper principle, providing a low offset voltage and low noise.

The Dual-OpAmp NOP912 is available in SOIC-8 package, the quad version NOP914 in TSSOP-14. Their pinout is compatible to the common classical models like LM358 or LM324 and related types.

The most important specifications at a glance:

  • Offset Voltage Temperature Drift: 0.05 µV/K
  • Low noise: 140 nV/√Hz
  • High Slew Rate: 6V/µs
  • Wide Gain-Bandwidth: 8 MHz
  • Low Supply Current:
    • NOP912 (dual): 2.5 mA
    • NOP914 (quad): 4 mA
  • Power supply voltage range: 2.7 V to 5.5 V
  • Rail-to-rail settle time: 1µs
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to 105°C
  • Package types: SOIC8, TSSOP14
  • int. ESD protection: ±4KV, Latch-up ±100mA
  • EFT±4.4KV
  • Datasheet

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