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EPSON – New RTC Modules RX8901CE and RX4901CE with DTCXO

Neu: RTC Module mit DTCXO RX8901 & RX4901 Today, IoT devices, click-charge systems, security equipment, industrial systems and countless other applications that run based on time information need to keep accurate time information. Accurate tracking of time and date information is also needed in equipment that is installed in vehicles, outdoors, and other environments where systems are exposed to ambient temperature extremes.


In addition, there is greater need for security to prevent information leaks caused by unauthorized product modification and tampering. These intrusions must be detected at all times with low current consumption. This has heightened the need in various markets for reliable devices that consume less current and remain frequency-stable over a wider operating temperature range up to +105°C.

Product Features RX8901CE and RX4901CE

  • Integrated digital temperature compensated crystal oscillator (DTCXO)
  • Accuracy vs. operating temperature range +/-5ppm @-40°C up to +105°C
  • very small RTC module footprint with  3.2 x 2.5 x 1.0 mm³
  • I²C (RX8901CE) and SPI (RX4901CE) Interface options
  • 0.24µA (typ.) current consumption (predecessor product 0.35µA)

Epson individually adjusts and guarantees the timekeeping accuracy of modules at the factory. This renders adjustment of timekeeping accuracy unnecessary and helps to increase design efficiency and quality.

Epson seeks to advance the frontiers of industry and drive the circular economy by applying the efficient, compact, and precision technologies that it has developed over many years to solve challenges. These technologies, which save energy, enable smaller products, and increase accuracy and precision, enable Epson to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which will bring about a better and more sustainable future for us all.

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You are working on one of the applications mentioned and need a reliable RTC module that consumes little power and is frequency-stable over the entire temperature range? – We will be happy to advise you on Epson’s solutions.

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