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Monochrome LCD to Color TFT LCD

Upgrade Monochrome LCD to Color TFT LCD   

As applications become dynamic with added features, a lot of product managers feel the need to upgrade their monochrome displays to color TFT displays. This not only gives a premium feel to the product but allows more information to be displayed for users.

Although upgrading monochrome displays to color TFT displays seems like an obvious choice, still, hardware engineers are always reluctant to change display. It is understandable, as upgrade requires a major change in software, which is not their expertise.

Another barrier to upgrade is the cost, as most applications use low-end MCU to drive monochrome LCD, but to drive color TFT LCD a high-end MCU is required, which can be a major cost to any product.


Bolymin BTC series with a built-in control board is designed to overcome these challenges. It allows a smooth upgrade of 240128 monochrome LCD to 4.3” or 5” TFT LCD or 320240 monochrome LCD to 5.6” Color TFT LCD.

BTC Series allows the customer to upgrade their current monochrome LCD to any size between 4.3” ~ 15” TFT LCD.

What are the advantages of the Bolymin BTC TFT LCD Series with a built-in control board?

  • It doesn’t require the customer to upgrade their low-end MCU (PIC, 8051, AVR, etc.) to high-end MCH like ARM.
  • Since BTC series use the same interface monochrome LCD, they are easily replaceable.
  •  The software requires only minor changes and Bolymin provides guidelines for the same.
  • Product managers can dramatically cut down their design time.
  • With quick design time and minimum changes, time-to-market is much faster. 
  • TFT has no crosstalk issues and better response time compared to monochrome LCDs.
  • TFT LCDs can also be used as monochrome displays depending on the application.
  • At an average, the cost of the upgrading to TFT LCD is around 20% more compared to the current design but the value it provides in terms of more functionality is 100%.

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