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Magnachip – Introduces High-performance Synchronous Boost Converter MAP7101 for dynamic loads

synchroner Boost Konverter MAP7101

Magnachip Semiconductor Corporation announced that the company has released The MAP7101 a synchronous boost converter for a variety of applications, such as NAND flashes for SSDs, OLED panels and Bluetooth speakers. It extends the MAP71xx DC/DC converter family.

MAP7101 in detail

The new synchronous boost converter is equipped with a fast transient response to reduce output voltage fluctuations in a short response time for stable power supply. Therefore, the new product is ideally suited for devices, which can exhibit significant current variations.

synchroner Boost Konverter MAP7101The key feature of this newly released converter is a reduction in quiescent current of up to 1.5mA, as compared to the maximum 2mA of asynchronous boost converters currently on the market. Magnachip achieves this metric by the adoption of low-resistance high-side and low-side synchronous switches. Also, when the boost converter turns off, a built-in isolation switch prevents input voltage from being leaked through the output pin. And the soft-start time can be programmable by controlling the external capacitor and resistance values. This action reduces the in-rush current and ensures a stable power supply to external circuits.

This synchronous boost converter also provides strong circuit protection functions of overcurrent and overvoltage protection, thermal shutdown, fast discharge function and under voltage lockout in a small Dual Flat No Leads package (DFN) of 2.5mm x 2.5mm. It operates at the switching frequency of 1.2MHz, so a small-sized 4.7µH inductor with low capacity can be connected externally. As a result, the size of printed circuit board (PCB) will be reduced as well.

In addition, its packaging technology meets halogen-free requirements and also complies with the Restriction of the Use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) – another example of Magnachip’s commitment to deliver environmentally-friendly and sustainable semiconductor products.

DC-DC Converter Line-Up Overview


# of Output


Input Voltage [V]

Output Current [A]

Switching Freq.

Rds(on) [mOhm]



1 Ch Buck Converter


2.7 ~ 5.5



350, 300

1.6X1.6 DFN-6L


Dynamic Output Voltage


2.7 ~ 5.5



230, 150

1.32X1.27 WLCSP-9B

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