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Magnachip – 650V SJ-MOSFETs: PDFN88 & reduced Rdson!

Magnachip - 650V SJ-MOSFETs: PDFN88

Magnachip – 650V SJ-MOSFETs: PDFN88 & low RDSON: SJ MOSFETs are an excellent choice for high-voltage applications because, when compared to planar MOSFETs, their drift region is heavily doped. This allows for low ON-resistance and reduced gate charge while operating at high voltages.

Magnachip offers different Super Junction MOSFETs, including voltage ratings from 500 to 900 V (Drain-Source voltage), available in various sizes that could suit your high-voltage applications.

As a highlight, it is worth mentioning that Magnachip has recently introduced two new 650V SJ MOSFETS in PFDN88 packages, achieving even greater efficiency, minimizing switching losses, and reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI). This results in a size reduction of 81% compared to D2PAK and 63% compared to DPAK products, significantly reducing their footprint.

Why choose the new 650V SJ MOSFETs from Magnachip?

Both new SJ-MOSFETs have an improved Drain-Source On-State Resistance: Typically 0.079 Ω with a maximum of 0.090 Ω for the MMUB65R090RU, and typically 0.102 Ω with a maximum of 0.115 Ω for the MMUB65R115RU.

Magnachip - 650V SJ-MOSFETs: PDFN88 Line-Up

  • very slim form factor, packaged in a PDFN88 (8mm x 8mm x 0.85mm)
  • Enhanced ESD Robustness.
  • Like other SJ MOSFETs offered by Magnachip, they are also subjected to 100% Avalanche Testing and come in a green package: (Pb-free plating and Halogen-free)
  • Wide temperature range:  -55 ~ 150ºC

Other technical features of the MMUB65R115RU and MMUB65R090RU SJ MOSFETS:

  • Typical threshold gate-source voltage: 3.0V for both.
  • MMUB65R115RU has a drain-to-source current (25°C) of 30 A, while MMUB65R090RU has a drain-to-source current (25°C) of 35 A.
  • MMUB65R090RU has a gate charge (Qg) of typically 62 nC, while MMUB65R090RU has a Qg of typically 78.9 nC.
  • Both MOSFETs have a maximum drain-to-source voltage at @ Tj,max of 700V.

To get to know better these SJ MOSFETs, take a look at their datasheets for more technical details above.

Applications for MMUB65R090RU & MMUB65R115RU

Their advantages, such as low resistance, minimal switching losses, and compact size, make both SJ MOSFETs an efficient solution for your high-voltage applications. Here are some cases in which both SJ MOSFETs are highly suitable:

  • Premium OLED TV
  • PFC Power Supply Stages
  • Switching Applications
  • Adapter

Why Magnachip?

Magnachip has over 40 years of experience in offering innovative technology solutions in various areas, including communication, IoT, consumer electronics, computers, industrial, and automotive. In addition to their OLED solutions, you can find a variety of products for your power applications, such as different types of MOSFETs and power converters. They are worth a look!

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