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Ineltek – Recommended actions for our customers and business partners on procurement situation for semiconductor components

Dear customers & business partners,

Handlungsempfehlung für unsere Kunden Pandemie und KriegOver the past 2 years the whole world has faced the immense challenge getting the pandemic and all its consequences under control. More recently, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has added a further tragic event such as we have not experienced for decades.

With regard to the already challenging component availability situation, it is still unclear what the knock-on effects of the invasion and accompanying economic sanctions will be over the coming weeks and months.

The known consequences in the semiconductor market so far:

  • Delivery times of up to 24 months
  • Repeated postponements of goods already ordered in long-term contracts
  • Price adjustments due to partly daily increasing freight costs, shortage of resources, capacity assurance in the production process, and many others
  • Short-term EOL / PCN process of entire component families

Our service to you:

  • Forward-looking demand planning for your high runner articles
  • Working with the manufacturers we represent to find solutions for your supply situation, so that you can maintain your production process.
  • Evaluation on alternative components and adaptation tasks/opportunities
  • Evaluate new international sources of supply for all components in all categories of semiconductors.

Here the most important recommendations we have for you:

  • Please consider even longer-term planning in your materials procurement strategy (mandatory covering them in 2022, urgent recommendation: extending them to 2023).
  • In addition, place your already placed frame orders in proper time
  • For a detailed assessment of your assemblies, please contact our sales department.
  • Let us know your BOM so we can support you with
    • alternative sources of supply for the required component or
    • alternative solutions from other manufacturers

Lead time overview

At the moment we can offer you interesting delivery times for the following manufacturers within these product categories:

Dapu Telecom
E&E Magnetics
Micro Crystal
Renata Batteries

Display Solutions
Timing Device Solutions
Inductive Solutions
Sensor Solutions (IMU & Gyro)
Wireless Solutions
Memory Solutions (EEPROM)
Sensor Solutions
Connector Solutions
Power Solutions (MOSFET)
Timing Device Solutions
Wireless Solutions
Inductive Solutions
Battery Solutions
Wireless Solutions
Memory Solutions (DRAM)

10 – 20 weeks
2 – 14 weeks
13 – 18 weeks
12 weeks
13 – 16 weeks
8 weeks
16 weeks
12 – 16 weeks
18 – 20 weeks
8 – 20 weeks
12 – 14 weeks
16 – 20 weeks
2 – 26 weeks
8 – 12 weeks
16 – 24 weeks

Please contact us if you would like to receive further information on the above-mentioned manufacturers.

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