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ImaginOrient New supplier for customized TFT solutions with long term availability


 ImaginOrient is a display manufacturer with headquarter in Taiwan. ImaginOrient displays key features are very good reliability, high quality and guaranteed long term availability. ImaginOrient is very flexible, working closely to industrial and medical customers in Germany. Custom specific changes could be already discussed at medium volumes.

  • TFT displays are in the range or 2.4” to 15.0”, as well as specific displays with high brightness, wide viewing angles and high resolution.
  • FSTN portfolio includes standard and custom made solutions. Reflective displays without backlight, transmissive or transflective displays with backlight, simple segments up to complex graphic structures with COG could be offered starting from reasonably low volumes.


ImaginOrient can support the display customers with complete solutions including resistive or capacitive touch panels with bonded cover glass. Customer can select specific cover glass material, painting, and surface finishing. ImaginOrient can take care of Touch panel assembly with display module, either with air-gap, ring shaped adhesive, or with full optical bonding techniques.

A very important added value from ImaginOrient is the service for capacitive touch panel fine tuning with the end user application. This is key in end product application development, and can help secure your investment.

TFT technology

Below are some of their standard products. If you don’t find the size/resolution you are looking for, just contact us for more details.

Size Name Active Area main features
2.4″ IO024I0008 36.72 x 48.96 mm² QVGA, 800cd/m², NB
3″ IO030D0003 60.0 x 45.0 mm² VGA, 1000cd/m², DSC
3.5″ IO035I00016 70 .08 x 52.56 mm² QVGA, 300cd/m²
4.3″ IO043I0006_v2 95.04 x 53.85 mm² WQVGA, 430cd/m²
IO043I0014 95.04 x 53.85 mm² WQVGA, wide VA, 430cd/m²
IO043I0021 56.16 ×93.60 mm² WVGA, portrait mode, 400cd/m²
5″ IO050I0022 81.88 x 110.02 mm² FHD, 400cd/m² , NB, MIPI DSI
IO050I0040 108.0 × 64.8 mm² WVGA, 650cd/m²
5.7″ IO057I0027 115.2 x 86.4 mm² VGA, 700 cd/m²
7″ IO070I0005_v2 154.08 x 85.92 mm² WVGA, 400cd/m²
IO070I0025 152.40 × 91.44 mm² WVGA, 500cd/m², LVDS
8.4″ IO084I0031 170.40 x 127.80 mm² SVGA, 230 cd/m²
10.4″ IO104I0024 211.2 x 158.4 mm² XGA, 500cd/m², NB
15″ IO150I0023 307.2 x 231.1 mm² XGA, 300cd/m², NB, LVDS

Optical Performances

  • NB:                   Normally Black technology
  • Wide VA:    Wide Viewing Angle for Landscape or Portrait use, Normally White technology


  • MIPI DSI:   MIPI Digital Serial Interface
  • DSC:          Camera Interface
  • LVDS:         LVDS interface
  • eDP:           embedded Display Port

FSTN technology

FSTN is a robust technology which is perfect when information to be displayed does not require a large color range or high resolution. Reflective, with or without back-light, custom designs are simple. It is a perfect solution for icons, characters and up to QVGA graphics:

  • Handheld measurement
  • Metric display
  • Outdoor use and direct sunlight
  • Robust and simple dashboards

ImaginOrient FSTN standard products are in the table below:

Size Name Active Area main features
1.6” IO016G0002 40.95 x 24.31 mm² 128×64, 50 cd/m²
3.2″ IO032G0034 66.55 x 33.27 mm² 128×64, 3 cd/m²
3.9″ IO039G0035 76.78 x 57.58 mm² 320×240, 20 cd/m²

Please visit ImaginOrient for further details about these products.

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