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Holtek – BD66FM5250 Brushless DC Motor Flash MCU

BD66FM5250 Brushless DC Motor Flash MCU

Holtek expands its brushless DC (BLDC) motor control portfolio with the BD66FM5250 Motor Flash MCU.

The BD66FM5250 is an 8-bit microcontroller with flash memory and RISC architecture, equipped with a variety of integrated special functions specifically designed for applications with brushless DC motors.

For example, this new device contains a hall-noise filter to guarantee correct decoding of the hall signals for motor control even in the presence of interference from high switching currents of the motor drivers.

A 16-bit wide hardware MDU (multiplier/divider unit) enables accelerated calculation speed.

These features make the device suitable for use in various BLDC motor applications with square and sine waves.

BD66FM5250 in detail

The device contains 8K×16 flash program memory, 2048 bytes of RAM data memory, 512 bytes of EEPROM and runs with a main clock of up to 20 MHz. The 12-bit ADC is designed for conversion times from 0.5µs to 10µs and offers 10 channels plus a separate one that can be used to utilise the internal operational amplifier (x1/ x5/ x10/ x20) for various tasks, such as the overcurrent protection function (OCP).

BD66FM5250 Motor Protection Logic

Four timer modules (2x 16bit / 2x 10bit) build the basis for the PWM output as well as input functions. A specific periphery was provided in this microcontroller for the BLDC control. This uses a 16-bit timer for speed monitoring and brings together functions such as the hall-noise filter, the hall-signal decoder, the PWM units with masking and dead time function as well as the function block for motor protection (cycle-by-cycle overcurrent detection, detection of a motor stall).

The BD66FM5250 is available in 24/28-pin SSOP and 32-pin QFN (4×4) package types. Further details can be found in the data sheet.

More Applications

Although this device is designed specifically for brushless DC motor applications, the versatility of this device also allows you to use it in a wide variety of A/D applications, such as sensor signal processing, motor drives in general, industrial controls, consumer products, subsystem controls, etc.

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