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Nuvoton – Ultra Low Cost High-Performance 8051-MCU – N76E003


The new N76E003 is based on a fast 1T 8051 core, has a rich set of sophisticated peripherals and comes in very small packages.

Key Features

  • 1T 8051 Microcontroller running up to 16 MHz
  • Fully Static design and 100% compatible to 8051 instruction set
  • Operating voltage from 2,4V to 5,5V
  • Operating Temperature -40°C to 105°C
  • Up to 18KB Flash Memory
  • Flexible Bootloader and EEPROM memory
  • 1KB SRAM
  • 16MHz RC Oscillator trimmed to 2% accuracy over full temperature range (at VCC=5V)
  • 18 individual interrupt sources, each can be set to one of four interrupt priorities
  • Up to 18 GPIOs with 2-level slew rate control (Quasi bidirectional and true Push Pull modes up to 20mA/port
  • Two 16 bit timer compatible with standard 8051
  • One 16 bit timer with input capture
  • One 16 bit timer which can be used for UART clock sourcing
  • Up to 10 PWM outputs – three pairs can be used for motor control with dead time control and fault brake function
  • One SPI port with master and slave function
  • One I2C port with master and slave function
  • Two full duplex UARTs
  • One 12 bit ADC, up to 500ksps with hardware trigger and window comparator
  • Flexible power management and power monitoring
  • 8 Pin interrups functions with edge/level detection
  • Strong ESD (g. 7000V HBM) and EFT immunity


  • TSSOP20
  • QFN20

Block Diagram


Development tools

  • Nuvoton On-Chip-Debugger (OCD) with KEIL development environment.
  • Nuvoton In-Circuit-Programmer (ICP).
  • Nuvoton In-System-Programming (ISP) via UART.

Development board with In Circuit Emulator (right side)

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