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Haechitech`s Digital Hall Sensor solutions – MXM11/14xx

Digital Hall sensor is a multi-function Hall-effect sensor designed with mixed signal CMOS technology. The device integrates Hall elements, dynamic offset cancellation system, a programmable amplifier, low power ADC and an arithmetic logics in a single chip. Bop, Brp, operation magnetic polarity and operation period are programmable by I2C interface.

On-the-shelf s/w package is able to transform each magnetic strength into angle between the magnet and the device with robust algorithm. Small WLCSP footprint and low power operation enables to implement angle gaging system in mobile handset and industrial system.


  • Operation Voltage: 1.65V – 3.6V
  • Sensitivity: 5μT/LSB ~ 120μT/LSB
  • Measurable Range: ±2mT ~ ±90mT
  • Wakeup period: 12.5ms ~ 200ms
  • Current Consumption: Power-down: 0.1μA – 1.3μA / Operaing mode: average 10μA at 5Hz average 1.3mA at 1kHz
  • Digital Output: low noise ADC
  • Open&Close / Proximity / Water level detection
  • 3-dimensional magnetic field detection


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