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ETA Solutions – ETA1466 Synchronous DC-DC Step-Down Converter (18V, 2A)

ETA1466 Synchroner DC-DC Abwärtswandler

The ETA1466 is a synchronous DC/DC step-down converter for input voltages from 4.5V to 18V, adjustable output voltage and a maximum output current of 2A.

This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications in the industry, consumer devices or battery powered devices powered by multiple cells. ETA currently delivers with stable lead times of less than 20 weeks. This makes the ETA1466 ideal as a replacement for unavailable products from other manufacturers by now.





ETA1466 in Detail

The ETA1466 operates with a switching frequency of 700kHz and requires an inductance of 2.2µH. To adjust the output voltage a resistor divider is used as is common practice. Additionally, 4 capacitors are recommended. Due to the small SOT23-6 package very space saving designs are possible.

Depending on the input voltage the efficiency of the converter reaches its maximum between 500mA and 1A. At VIN=5V more than 95% is reached (VOUT=3.3V).

However, due to its PFM mode, the efficiency is still above 80% even at light loads (>20mA). An adaptive COT scheme allows fast response and smooth transition during load changes.

Furthermore, an overvoltage protection (OVP), a “hiccup” mode for restart in case of under voltage and an automatic shutdown in case of over-temperature are integrated. The controller can be switched on and off via the enable pin.

We would be happy giving you more information about the ETA1466 and other components for your power supply design. Call us or send us your inquiry now using the following form.


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